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The early symptoms and prevention of uremia

Early symptoms of uremia 1、Sleep and weakness:This is the appearance of male early symptoms of uremia,but it is very easy to be ignored, it is because many causes of sleep and weakness.Especially the men who struggle to fight in the caree...

The early symptoms and prevention of uremia

May 15, 2014 by Kidney Disease Expert

Early symptoms of uremia

1、Sleep and weakness:This is the appearance of male early symptoms of uremia,but it is very easy to be ignored, it is because many causes of sleep and weakness.Especially the men who struggle to fight in the career,most of men will thanks to the nervous and tired work. If symptoms are improved after a little rest,it is easy to be ignored.

The yellow face:It is possible to be caused by the early anemia of male uremia, the development of performance and development is slow, it is not to appear obvious symptoms for a long time.

3、Edema: It is easy to notice symptoms of the early uremia for men. The kidney can not eliminate extra moisture in the body to cause fluid retention in the body tissue clearance, edema appear the ankle and eyelid in the early period, it can disappear after the rest, if it develops persistence or systemic edema, the disease is very serious.

4、The change of urine

The kidney filtration function deceases, part of patients have less urine with worse illness. The volume of urine is normal,it can eliminate less toxins in the urine, the quality deceases, it can not eliminate more waste, so the standing or falling of renal function can not be depended on the volume of urine in a certain extent.

How to prevent to appear the uremia

Many people think they can’t get serious disease like uremia, but the fact is not so simple imagined by the people, The current situation of uremia can shock by the sight, uremia is the generic terms of the late renal function failure appearing a lot of symptoms. The chronic renal function failure reflects in accumulation of harmful substance causing toxication and renal hormone reducing to occur anemia and bone disease.The early symptoms is nausea, emesis, less of appetite and other symptoms of digestive tract.In the period of late uremia, the system of the whole body is tired to occur cardiac failure, insanity, coma and other serious situation.

1、Protecting kidney: Patients should do physical examination once for half of year or a year. The examination should include renal function, renal ultrasound, urine analysis and so on.

The prevention can cause the renal function damaged disease to occur, the disease that has occurred should be controlled to develop and strictly monitored renal function. The most sensitive target is creatinine clearance rate, it is tested once from three months to six months.

Avoid to use renal virulent drugs and avoid touching toxic substance

2、The urine appear blood or lingering bubble, patients should go to see a doctor at once and do the renal biopsy.

3、Any kidney disease can’t be ignored and delayed to see a doctor,any kidney disease continue to deteriorate to cause uremia.

4、The standing or falling of controlling blood pressure influence uremia of appearance, development, curative effect and prognosis. So patients with high blood pressure should be monitored strictly to prevent uremia, patients with high blood pressure should take medicine throughout their life, the rule to choose hypotensive drugs is no renal toxicity, they should strictly control the blood pressure and not break off.

5、Lithangiuria should not be ignored, it needs to track regularly for once, the stone is not painful, it is possible to cause chronic nephredema, fossil grass is not effective for stone.

6、 About a quarter of patients with diabetes can appear uremia, it is important to control blood sugar, they should detect regularly renal function and trace of albumin in the urine, they should find in the early time and treat diabetic nephropathy.

7、Patients with congenital polycystic kidney are found, they should invite their parents, children, brothers and sisters to do the test of ultrasonic wave to find early and treat early. The half of descendant have the same disease, they should do the genetic counseling before giving birth and pay attention to high blood pressure and urine tract infection.

8、Patients with nephritis often get cold which is not easy to be good, they need to pay attention to renal function.

9、The kidney disease can appear the symptoms in the late time, patients think no urine and edema can have kidney disease, many kidney diseases don’t have any symptoms.

10、It it difficult to urinate, because the older man suffering from prostatic hypertrophy which causes micturition, nocturia, urine to fine, it can influence the bladder and renal function, however micturition has pain, burning or secretions, it is possible to infect urine tract, patients need to do the routine urine examine and bacterial culture to supply antibiotic therapy.

11、Low back pain or the sense of uncomfortable is not caused by moveability, patients should doubt kidney disease or urinary tract disease, they should accept examine of urine, abdominal X-ray or renal ultrasonography.


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