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What are the early symptoms of uremia?

How to judge the disease from the symptoms of uremia? The obvious features of the appearance of early symptoms of uremia, generally have the change of the face, such as edema, nausea, vomiting, following introduce uremia symptoms for everyb...

What are the early symptoms of uremia?

Nov 03, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

How to judge the disease from the symptoms of uremia?

The obvious features of the symptoms early uremia, generally have the change of the face, such as edema, nausea, vomiting.

What are the symptoms of early uremia?

Uremia symptoms 1: look yellow or white: this is due to anemia, renal damage often associated with anemia, but the development of anemia is very slow, a period of time generally will not be too big contrast, often do not seriously.

Uremic symptoms 2: digestive symptoms. Uremia is the earliest stage, the most common symptoms of uremia main show as poor appetite, taste disorders, nausea, vomiting, a few cases can have diarrhea, abdominal distension and constipation, etc.

The digestive function that affects the digestive function after urinary retention can cause an appetite decline, but most people don't associate it with kidney disease.

Uremic symptoms 3: edema, this is a more easily detected symptom of uremia, because the kidneys do not remove excess water from the body in time.

Further development to persistent or systemic edema, the typical urethral stage is usually entered.

Uremic symptoms 4: easy to be tired, weak.

This may be the most obvious of the early uremia symptoms, but it is easily overlooked because there are too many causes of fatigue and fatigue.

Especially those who "fight hard" in their careers, fatigue is routine, and if the symptoms improve after a break, it's easier to ignore them.

Chronic renal insufficiency clinical manifestation varies, in addition to the above mentioned these symptoms, there may be some of the other, of course, there are some all of these patients with uremia symptoms don't appear, so only routine urine and other inspections regularly, at ordinary times to the early detection, early treatment.

Uremic symptoms 5: high blood pressure: after the kidney has been damaged, can not drain the sodium in normal drainage, the retention of water and sodium in the body.It also produces some of the substances that raise blood pressure when the kidneys are damaged.As a result, the early stages of uremia can lead to different levels of hypertension.High blood pressure plus a clotting mechanism can induce nosebleed or gum bleeding to attract attention.

Uremic symptoms 6: decrease in urine: due to decreased renal filtration function, some patients will develop less urine with the disease progression.

There are also many patients who have normal urine, but the amount of toxins excreted in the urine decreases, So can not rely entirely on urine to determine the quality of renal function.


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