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How to reduce serum creatinine

Blood creatinine, which is thought to be endogenous creatinine and endogenous creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in the body. In the muscles, creatine is formed mainly by the irreversible process of non-enzymatic dehydration, whic...

How to reduce serum creatinine

Aug 10, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Blood creatinine, which is thought to be endogenous creatinine and endogenous creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in the body. In the muscles, creatine is formed mainly by the irreversible process of non-enzymatic dehydration, which slowly forms the creatinine, which is then released into the blood and excreted in the urine. So the blood creatinine is closely related to the total amount of muscle in the body, which is not easily affected by diet. Creatinine is a small molecular substances, can through the kidney filtration, rarely absorption in the malpighian tube, daily of creatinine in the body, almost all with urine, is generally not affected by the amount of urine. Clinical examination of blood creatinine is one of the main methods commonly used to understand kidney function.

Blood creatinine?

Serum creatinine each hospital is not the same as the measure of normal, serum creatinine in general normal standard is: 44-133 umol/L, when serum creatinine greater than 133 umol/L means that the kidney damage, have renal insufficiency, renal failure.

Why is blood creatinine above normal?

Blood creatinine is much higher than normal, which means the kidney is damaged, and blood creatinine can be more accurate in the case of the renal parenchyma, which is not a sensitive indicator. As the glomerular filtration rate dropped to a third of the normal population, the blood creatinine increased significantly. It means that, because human kidney metabolism ability is strong, the average person when kidney damage is lighter unwell feeling is not obvious, so a lot of people when really have nausea, vomiting, dizziness, actually has been badly damaged kidneys, serum creatinine also began to rise significantly.

It is recommended that you consult a professional nephrologist in detail to make sure that you do not neglect to avoid causing regret.

High serum creatinine, serum creatinine increased one possibility is the kidney damage, kidney problems, but the pure high serum creatinine and may be thyroid function hyperfunction and acromegaly, etc. So when the blood creatinine rises, be sure to be associated with other kidney tests to avoid misdiagnosis or delay. Lower blood creatinine is commonly seen in pregnancy, amyotrophic disorders and liver dysfunction.

When a medical or not found in the serum creatinine above normal, best attaches great importance to this problem, consult your doctor, to be able to combine history and other laboratory tests, make an accurate diagnosis, in order to make clear the cause and cure of as soon as possible.

What is the relation between creatinine, blood creatinine and urocreatine?

Creatinine: creatinine is a metabolic waste produced by muscle acid in the human body, and every 20g of muscle metabolism produces 1 mg of creatinine. Creatinine is mainly filtered out of the body by the glomeruli (an important part of the kidney). Creatinine is a small molecular substances, in muscle creatine main slowly by dehydration of irreversible enzyme generated creatinine, can through the glomerular filtration, rarely absorption in the malpighian tube, daily of creatinine in the body, almost all of the urine, is generally not affected by the amount of urine. When kidney function is not complete, creatinine is stored in the body to be harmful to the human body. Serum creatinine and is close to the amount of muscle in the body, so basically not affected by renal outside factors such as diet, high catabolism, stable in exogenous creatinine intake, the body generation constant (20 mg/kg per day), serum creatinine concentration depends on glomerular filtration function.

How to reduce serum creatinine

Creatinine is pided into serum creatinine and urocreatinine:

Haemal creatinine: the creatinine that is produced by the muscle metabolism of the body enters the blood, it is the blood creatine anhydride. The blood creatinine and creatinine clearance rate were not identical, and the creatinine clearance rate was more sensitive to the blood creatinine. In the early stage of renal failure (compensatory period), creatinine clearance decreased and blood creatinine was normal. When more than 50% of glomerular filtration rate down to normal, serum creatinine began to rise rapidly, so when the serum creatinine is significantly higher than normal, often has serious damage to kidney function. Because of creatinine clearance was affected by glomerular function of enrichment, in the case of impaired renal enrichment, serum creatinine is the most reliable indicators reflect the glomeruli. Normal male blood creatinine is 53-106gmol/L, women 44.2-97.2 gmol/L.

Serum creatinine increased: in acromegaly, gigantism, diabetes, infections, thyroid function decrease, eating meat intake, exercise, drugs (such as vitamin C, levodopa, methyldopa, etc.).

Serum creatinine: reduction in acute or chronic renal insufficiency, severe congestive heart failure, thyroid function hyperfunction, anemia, muscular dystrophy, leukemia, a vegetarian, and androgen, thiazide drugs, etc.

Urocreatinic anhydride: the body is released into the urine by the body's creatinine circulation system, which is the uretic anhydride. Urine creatinine (Cr) normal range, men 5.3 to 16 mmol/d; Women 7 ~ 18 tendency/d. The determination of urine creatinine concentration alone is seldom helpful for evaluating renal function, but it can be measured as a necessary indicator of endogenous creatinine clearance rate with blood creatinine.

Renal insufficiency is caused by a variety of reasons, glomerular damage, make the body excrete metabolic waste and regulate water electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders of the clinical syndrome after group. It is pided into acute renal dysfunction and chronic renal failure. The prognosis is serious, if the treatment is inferior, gradually enter kidney function incomplete failure period, finally enter uremia period, it is a major disease that is threatening life.

The kidney function is not fully pided into four stages: you are in the second phase of kidney failure, and the kidney unit is more than half dead. Kidney excretion metabolic waste has certain obstacle, creatinine, urea nitrogen can be higher or exceed normal value. The patient can develop anemia, fatigue, weight loss, mental difficulty, etc. But often ignored, if there is water loss, infection, haemorrhage, etc., the apparent symptom quickly appears. But as a result of the kidney has strong compensatory ability, so, this period of the patients clinical symptoms are not very clear, this to cause patient illusion, so that delay the illness, delayed treatment.

Western medicine in the treatment of renal insufficiency is drug treatment, this can temporarily alleviate patients' symptoms, detoxification kidney, only pure creatinine reduction to restore kidney detoxification function itself is useless, but you didn't adopt this method is also very sensible, in order to fundamentally restore kidney detoxification ability to choose the direction of traditional Chinese medicine the big is no errors, but at the moment to make creatinine decreased at the same time, the ability to restore the kidneys, you need to improve the effective use of traditional Chinese medicine, on the basis of the expulsion of all kinds of complications from root repair has damage the kidneys, blocking the development of renal fibrosis process, protect the residual nephron, restore kidney function.

In the treatment of this disease, shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital has been able to get rid of traditional traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, and develop a personalized treatment plan based on the patient's specific condition. Hospital experts after years of clinical experience, based on the theory of block renal fibrosis, founded the domestic leading micro Chinese medicine osmosis therapy, the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) microns, through renal area directly back into the lesions, by expanding the kidney arteries, at all levels to improve kidney ischemia hypoxia, the removal of diseased tissue, supply nutrients cell metabolism, and repair the renal pathological damage, increased glomerular filtration area, promote the excretion of toxins, decreased stability of the indicators, so as to control the disease progresses, make from renal failure in patients with uremia, avoid the path of change kidney dialysis.

Your situation is special, have genetic history, found that not too late now, hope to provide detailed information, accordingly we will make the specialized plan, symptomatic treatment, grasp the favorable treatment opportunity, do not delay!

Should pay attention to rest in peacetime, avoid the trigger such as cold, infection, and should observe the food standard strictly.


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