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Tongshantang: Why does kidney failure cause anemia?

Tongshantang: Why does kidney failure cause anemia?Many people pay too much attention to the cause of anemia when it comes to anemia. Experts warn it may lead to delay treatment for kidney failure. Whats this all about? Anemia is not really a disease, and is the ...

Tags:Tongshantang,kidney failu,cause,anemia

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What are the early symptoms of uremia?

 What are the early symptoms of uremia?How to judge the disease from the symptoms of uremia? The obvious features of the appearance of early symptoms of uremia, generally have the change of the face, such as edema, nausea, vomiting, following introdu ...

Tags:uremia,edema,anemia,Easy to fati,fatigue,Reduced urin,symptoms of ,uremia signs

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What is diabetic nephropathy ?

What is diabetic nephropathy ?Diabetic nephropathy refers to diabetic glomerular sclerosis ,which is the glomerular lesion that give priority to with blood damage .The early diabetic nephropathy have no symptoms ,the blood pressure can norma ...

Tags:Proteinuria,Edema,High blood p,Renal insuff,Anemia,symptoms

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