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Does kidney failure cause constipation?

This question to answer in detail the reasons why kidney failure will bring constipation and factors, and cause constipation factors analysis, help us find the culprit causing constipation....

Does kidney failure cause constipation?

Oct 11, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Renal failure also refers to renal failure, chronic renal failure refers to the general deterioration of renal function in chronic kidney disease leading to the result caused a decrease in renal excretion and secretion regulation function, water and electrolyte disorder and azotemia in ordinary diet. But the chronic renal failure in the narrow sense is the stage of decompensation of chronic renal insufficiency. When the blood creatinine is more than 44 micro mole / liter, it can be called chronic renal failure, the condition is serious and the prognosis is bad. This is the specific definition of renal failure, to understand what is renal failure, can talk about does kidney failure cause constipation?

Patients with renal failure may have edema of the intestinal mucosa and submucosa, or may be accompanied by ulceration and necrosis. The development of renal failure will lead to uremia, while the uremic patients with colonic lesions can cause serious complications. The use of aluminum hydroxide in antacid therapy can cause constipation. Although kidney failure may cause constipation, we do not have to be too sensitive when it comes to constipation, as there are many reasons for constipation. For example, dietary factors can also cause constipation, if eating less and more fine, coarse fiber is relatively small, so the formation of defecation is a long time in the body of water is sucked, so the dry defecation difficulty, also can appear constipation. There is a lot of people because of factors of busy work, travel, life is not the law, even if there is a meaning, but the surrounding environment is not allowed to defecate, so can only endure for a long time, causing the rectum to feel lower stool, causing no defecation, constipation occurred, some people in the stool in the toilet for a long time read newspapers, cause defecate time is too long, long time leads to the habitual defecation time is too long, will be the formation of constipation, and so on a series of reasons, will lead to constipation.

Through the above, we do not need too worried about whether the renal function failure cause constipation, you need to have to consider their own recent life habits, if you still do not trust, then to the hospital for examination, diagnosis.

Does kidney failure cause constipation?

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