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Diet nursing guidelines for chronic renal failure

Diet has a key role in kidney disease, this paper focuses on kidney disease patients with renal diet nursing....

Diet nursing guidelines for chronic renal failure

Aug 25, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Diet plays a pivotal role for the condition of kidney disease, for renal disease patients “diet also into, diet also lost”, so how to eat having a good effect for renal failure patients? Due to the condition is different, can’t guide one by one, just list majority renal disease diet nursing.

1、Limit the intake of potassium: the deposition of potassium will cause to muscle weakness, serious patients will give rise to arrhythmias even though lead to the occurrence of heart failure.

2、Limit the intake of protein: the patients don’t take hemodialysis, kidney can’t discharge the protein metabolism waste, so the condition of renal failure will become worse, at that time suggest decrease the intake of protein; but if the patients took hemodialysis, need to pay attention, taking hemodialysis would lost protein, so must be cooperated the suggestion of nutritionist to maintain the need of body.

3、Limit the intake of phosphorus: too much phosphorus would cause to the loss of calcium, the doctor will control the content of phosphorus in the blood through taking medicine to prevent osteoporosis.

4、Limit the intake of sodium: due to salt contains high sodium, too much sodium for renal failure patients will cause to the retention of water, and then lead to cardiac and respiratory failure and aggravate renal failure. But do not take lower sodium salt, due to it has high potassium ion.

5、Water intake: too much water will cause to edema or cardiac and respiratory failure, so controlling water is an important project for kidney, doctor decided the water intake according to the urine volume or discharged water when taking dialysis, as usual is yesterday’s urine add to 500-750cc.

6、Taking meat product with attention for renal failure patients: traditional Chinese medical thought that dog meat、mutton、beef belong to stimulating food, are easy to cause the condition repeated or aggravated. In clinical there are some patients with systemic lupus erythematosus or chronic nephritis aggravated condition even died due to taking mutton and beef. But it is better for chronic renal failure patients not to eat meat product.

7、Avoid the food with high purine: high purine will aggravate kidney burden, such as bath chap,sardine and so on.

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