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A man after eating seafood systemic organ failure

Eat out of the disease She has a late stomach cancer of a 23-year-old girl with a barbecue and spicy food In the last month, a 23-year-old female white-collar worker, xiao lu (not her real name), always felt pain in her stomach and began to...

A man after eating seafood systemic organ failure

Apr 29, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Eat out of the disease

She has a late stomach cancer of a 23-year-old girl with a barbecue and spicy food

In the last month, a 23-year-old female white-collar worker, xiao lu (not her real name), always felt pain in her stomach and began to lose weight. The results of the gastroscopy shocked her and the doctor, who was suffering from advanced gastric cancer. Details about Olivia habits, nanjing zhongda hospital digestive department feng-lin lu chief physician, said Olivia's stomach and irregular diet, including Olivia's favorite malatang has indirect contact. Because patients are not in time, they have missed the best time for treatment.

Twenty-three year old white-collar workers use barbecues and spicy hot food

Xiao lu has just come to work for a few years. Then, three meals a day every day by her behind, often with call some takeout, or grab a corner shop sent to lunch or dinner. Cold skin, spicy hot, barbecued and casserole are the staple food in the personal menu. In the morning, you will not have a good breakfast, and you will be able to buy some pancakes at the curb.

Over time, lu discovered that he began to lose weight, and he lost more than ten jin of weight. In the beginning, she was mistaken for his own work too tired, so no weight loss on the heart, but a recent months, Olivia found that oneself always feel stomach pain, but also the symptoms of the black. She was diagnosed with "terminal cancer of the stomach" when she went to the central hospital for a gastric examination. Due to the lack of timely treatment, xiao lu has missed the best time to visit.

Zhongda hospital digestive department feng-lin lu chief physician told reporters that Olivia loves to eat malatang and barbecue, can't and her gastric cancer symptoms constitute a direct connection, the etiology of gastric cancer is a long-term, the result of joint action by multiple factors, but the irregular diet and living habits, does increase the risk of stomach cancer.

A late-night snack is often a "killer".

"There is already evidence that peppers, processed meats, smoked food and grilled meat are the causes of stomach cancer." Experts tell the reporter, the stomach cancer patient that oneself diagnose is a common characteristic, the life is irregular, the food is irregular. For example, breakfast is a time for eating, lunch, dinner, dinner, and night snacks. "Exploded in the patients, Olivia is not the most young patients with gastric cancer, there is a 19 year old boy, is also because of stomach discomfort to the hospital to do check, the result out is also a gastric cancer." The number of young stomach cancer patients is rising, the director said, and the disease is highly malignant, the treatment is poor and the life span is very short. Not only is it not a regular diet, but smoking is also one of the leading causes of gastric cancer. At present, the relationship between smoking and cancer of the stomach has been confirmed that heavy smoking (daily for more than 20) and alcohol consumption (every 14 days drinking more than 5 times) population risk of cardia gastric cancer are not smoking drinkers 5 times.

Doctors are still searching for the cause of his organ failure after eating seafood

Recently, yancheng netizen yellow to post on weibo, said his friend wei-hua liu "eat a razor clam, infected with unknown bacteria, eroded his intestines, now the body organ failure in intensive care unit treatment, hospital notice under the terminally ill, but now can't determine the cause." Yesterday, the reporter of yangzi evening news arrived at the second hospital in nanjing, where liu wei is located.

Liu weihua, 38, is a seal breeder in nanjing's high-power furniture port. On June 29, liu took his wife and daughter to visit relatives in her hometown in yancheng, and had about a dozen friends in the village. At the top of the table were home-cooked dishes, one of which was a "razor clam" that was very good for liu wei hua. He ate a lot and didn't make any difference. In the evening, liu wei's family simply ate Fried rice and went to sleep. At night, liu wei suddenly began to vomit. On the morning of June 30, the wife sun hongxia brought her husband to a hospital in yancheng. The doctor's judgment may be the uncleanness of the food. Family members believe the biggest suspect was a razor that was eaten the day before.

Worried that other friends might have diarrhea, sun dialed a friend's phone call, only to find that her husband alone had eaten a bad meal. Wei-hua liu disease, however, two hospitals in the city of yancheng for nearly a week, and separately in nanjing and nanjing in jiangsu province people's hospital of the second hospital, and the condition of wei-hua liu break out repeatedly, on July 20, the doctor in the process of rescuing wei-hua liu issued critically ill notice to their families.

At around 5 PM on July 20, the hospital gave the family a medical notice. Liu weihua, who survived the rescue, was sent directly to the intensive care unit. The reporter saw the result of his diagnosis: intestinal infarction, suspected gastrointestinal bleeding, but no reason for bleeding. And is responsible for the wei-hua liu in nanjing, the second hospital, director of the intensive care unit on the causes of wei-hua liu and repeatedly also said not clearly, don't know for sure is to eat seafood. At about 4 o 'clock yesterday afternoon, liu wei transferred to the provincial people's hospital for further examination.


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