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In this website, you can know some useful thing about renal failure, like how to take care of renal failure patients, the diet care of it, the differe

Nursing of pyelonephritis edema

Nursing of pyelonephritis edemaWhen it comes to the disease of pyelonephritis, I think everyone is familiar with it, but the disease is an invisible disease (kidney disease). When it comes to the world, the speed is very fast, and it will alw ...

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How to treat chronic renal failure edema?

How to treat chronic renal failure edema?Renal failure is a chronic disease. The occurrence of such diseases has a relatively high mortality rate. For renal failure edema, we should not neglect treatment. It is necessary to take early treatment measure ...

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Treatment of acute kidney injury

Treatment of acute kidney injuryAcute kidney injury is a common group of clinical syndromes. Due to different causes, the pathophysiological mechanism and progress of AKI are different, and their treatment and outcome are also very different. ...

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Do you know what kind of chronic kidney failure?

Do you know what kind of chronic kidney failure?There are many patients with kidney failure in their lives. After many treatments, they have no effect at all, and some will lead to aggravation of the disease and bring great harm to patients. In fact, renal fa ...

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