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The foreign nephropathy girl is treated in Beijing and received the love help from all walks of life

The 10-year-old from almaty, kazakhstan, was treated at the Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine for chronic kidney failure this year. The appointment of 10-year-old kidney girl in stone and Chinese mother Diana and her mother...

The foreign nephropathy girl is treated in Beijing and received the love help from all walks of life

Sep 13, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

The 10-year-old from almaty, kazakhstan, was treated at the Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine for chronic kidney failure this year.

The appointment of 10-year-old kidney girl in stone and "Chinese mother"

Diana and her mother, Jane meira, are chatting with nurse yan zi.

Diana and her mother, Jane meira, are chatting with nurse yan zi.

"Diana, a pact with China mother? Invite her to our house after ten years, then you also become a beautiful nurse, so you have to listen to the doctor uncle." 10 in the morning, in Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, Jane Melanesia, from kazakhstan to daughter Diana brush their hair, while secretly wipe the tears, in the daughter answered "I see" (I know), Jane beautiful daughter looking down a long kiss on the forehead.

Ten-year-old Diana from shaq Stan almaty, in the womb for mother Jane good cytomegalovirus infection, causing malformations, about facial asymmetry at birth, especially the left eye, there is almost no pupil, his left index finger naturally without nails. When she was three years old, she had surgery for her right kidney. At the age of nine, the left kidney was also diagnosed with chronic nephritis, which this year has developed into chronic kidney failure, which is the stage of uremia.

What is the dream of a little angel who is so troubled by fate? On the same day, the Chinese new reporter approached the foreign mother and daughter, listening to them about "transnational love" in China.

All circles of love help the "little angel" to fight against the rocky fate

According to Diana's mother Jane beauty, because the family misfortune, she and her husband porce, alone with a daughter to seek treatment, she has no stable work, mostly on odd jobs as domestic increase a few meager income, not only need to treat my daughter's illness, but also for your son to go to college, already owes nearly $100000 in debt, Diana because of long-term hospitalization in China, had to interrupt their studies.

, according to Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine dean Liu Pan for Diana age, the age of three and resection of the right kidney, now left kidney disease into uremia, treated with western medicine for a long time in foreign countries, and on the body overdraw is serious, the situation is not optimistic. "After considering the whole situation of children, specialists developed mainly in traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine auxiliary treatment, after system of clear blood toxin therapy, the child was in stable condition."

In conversation, Liu Pan told reporters, Diana hospitalized for the first time, due to the economic difficulties in finish pay the medical expenses, the hospital did not inform the fee, Jane also not interrupted drug, but choose to do treatment for Diana.

"This is the second time to the hospital, also because of economic reasons, have fallen behind on nearly 30000 yuan of medical expenses, but the hospital still do treatment for Diana, never urged her pay." 'this is an attitude that the Chinese people have to do with the need for help,' liu said. 'it's a responsibility that doesn't pide the country and the race.'

Jane beauty, 'says Diana unfortunate encounter has been kazakhstan television reported, once the report will cause concern about the loving people from all walks of life both at home and abroad, many stores at the gate of spontaneous set up a donation box for Diana, "everybody give us donated medical expenses, Diana brought back a lot of beautiful clothes, toys, many people encouraged us to be strong, can get so many strangers people blessing, believe that Diana will get better."

The dream of "little angel" : be a beautiful nurse

Diana, who is 10 years old, is only 118CM tall and weighs just over 20 kilograms. In order to let her back to health as soon as possible, the hospital's medical staff take the initiative to assume their three meals a day, especially Diana meals, doctors in the daily lunch from home.

Yan zi, the chief nurse, said that Diana's favorite dishes were large pot dishes, dumplings, and especially smart, and learned a lot of Chinese.

Hear the word "Chinese", naive Diana couldn't help speaking in fluent Chinese to "show off" to the reporter: "China", "Yanzi", "hello", "uncle" and "ears" · · · · · ·

The reporter understands in the interview, no matter who's birthday, with ward patients would invite Diana xu wishes, blow candle together, Diana over six times in a month birthday, every wish is "grow up I want to be a nurse, taking care of the patients, take care of my mother".

Talking about her daughter's dream, Jane spoke such words, "I am very sad, also very proud, before her wish is to want a toy, want to go to travel, and so on. Now she grew up, know mother is not easy, also know that there are many different color of skin of good intention person to help us, she want to be a nurse, care for other patients, I'm very support."

I will visit kazakhstan ten years after the "Chinese mother" appointment

Now Diana eyes every day to wash gargle will run to find a head nurse in nursing station , request  teach Chinese, do eintopf, package dumplings, also wearing cheongsam  send photos with people everywhere.

"Suffering of Diana at an early age, has more than adults, she is very strong, can give a mother wiping away tears, to make mother happy, can teach their mother learned Chinese." Ms. Yan said she had taken Diana as her daughter.

See oneself meticulous care, Diana called  "Chinese mother", after ten years and invite  visit kazakhstan with their children.

"Diana at that time should realize the dream of becoming a nurse, I can help you with the children, if you like, you can leave the children in kazakhstan, I do his mother, kazakhstan taught her to Russian, English." "Said Jane meila, holding her hand.

Looked at daughter alive every day, think of her daughter's illness, family economic conditions, Jane, often a person in the room in tears, but never show the helplessness in front of her. Beauty Jane said, as a mother, her greatest wish is Diana good up as soon as possible, "I believe that China's doctor can help us, also believe that the daughter will be ok, because there are too much love in the world in give us strength."


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