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The treatment of purpura nephritis_Allergic purpura nephritis_Purpura nephritis

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Each stage of purpura nephritis and its treatment!

Each stage of purpura nephritis and its treatment!A lot of allergic purpura in patients suffering from kidney disease was very troubled, external treatment of skin diseases have made themselves mentally and physically exhausted, plus unseen nephropathy, as if t ...

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How to effectively prevent Henoch-Schonlein Nephropathy

How to effectively prevent Henoch-Schonlein NephropathyHenoch-Schonlein Nephropathy, also known as Henoch-Schonlein purpura Nephropathy, is a systemic disease caused by necrotic small vessels, which can harm the various systems of the body, but the most important is ...

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Allergic factors of purpuric nephritis

Allergic factors of purpuric nephritisMany people may have heard of purpuric nephritis, but not very clear for the cause of purpura nephritis, we can not prevent disease in a timely manner if we do not understand the cause of the disease, so it is v ...

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Correct understanding of purpura nephritis

Correct understanding of purpura nephritisPurpura is a capillary allergy. That is, small vasculitis. Small red blood spots appear on the skin when small vessels are damaged; and the kidney is composed of two great team capillary function, damage to the ...

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