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Parasitic symptoms of urinary tract infection

Many of my friends have been plagued by the disease of urinary tract infection, which is a part of patients suffering from parasitic urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection parasites so what specific symptoms? How to check whether they are in...

Parasitic symptoms of urinary tract infection

Oct 23, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Many of my friends have been plagued by the disease of urinary tract infection, which is a part of patients suffering from parasitic urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection parasites so what specific symptoms? How to check whether they are infected with the US in life, the following small and we share together for the method of parasite infection of urinary tract.

Including the urinary tract infection of Trichomonas parasitic urinary tract infection, urinary tract filariasis, urinary tract amebiasis, renal hydatid disease. Because of its infection, different pathogens and transmission and its clinical lesions are different.

Then the parasites of urinary tract infection in the end what symptom, but since the name mentioned in the parasite, and parasitic relationship is so close, let's look at the specific symptoms of it.

Parasitic symptoms of urinary tract infection

1, trichomonas urine parasite infection

The clinical manifestations and bacterial urinary tract infection is exactly the same as that of female patients with symptoms of vaginitis: increased leucorrhea, genital itching, even vaginal itching, with lower urinary tract symptoms: frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and urinary tract after heartburn and other urinary tract symptoms; male patients with balanitis, lower urinary tract infection most emit a small amount of purulent secretions in morning urine, urethral itching. Bladder involvement is suprapubic discomfort, often terminal hematuria after urination, can have a few white secretions outflow. Trichomonas pyelonephritis at accompanied by chills, fever, abdominal pain and hematuria, pyuria. Some patients without systemic symptoms and urinary irritation symptoms.

2, urinary tract amebiasis

According to the site of infection and infection and different clinical symptoms are nonspecific, similar to the common bacterial urinary tract infection. According to the clinical manifestations of disease is pided into the following types:

(1) Amiba cystitis urethritis

Caused by intestinal fistula of bladder or ascending urinary tract infection. Frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and urinary bladder area before and after the symptoms such as pain, and kidney infection, may have chills, fever, lumbago, kidney area percussion pain.

(2) Amiba renal abscess or renal abscess

By blood infection or liver, caused by Amiba egilops to kidney and colon, the main clinical manifestations were fever, chills, lumbago, kidney area tenderness and percussion pain, kidney muscle tension, may touch the local mass.

3, urinary tract filariasis

Filariasis is composed of w.bancrofti adults, larvae and its metabolites caused by lymphatic inflammation and lymphatic obstruction occurred in the limbs, the formation of elephantiasis, hydrocele and local lymph duct. Funiculitis patients, epididymitis and orchitis. If the lesions of the thoracic duct obstruction or chylocyst, distal lymphangiectasia rupture which is communicated with the urinary tract, urinary tract into the lymph formation of chyluria. Varicose lymphatic can puncture into renal calices, renal pelvis, ureter and bladder, but most penetrating into the renal pelvis.

4, renal hydatid disease

Renal hydatid cysts contain more than a single parent, ascus and sun sac lesions often unilateral, more than in the lower pole of the kidney, rounded. Onset and duration of up to several years or decades. Cyst increased, compression of the surrounding glomeruli, the atrophy cyst rupture, occasionally worn into the renal pelvis or abdomen. Wear broken into abdominal cavity can cause asthma, urticaria, fever and abdominal pain and other allergic symptoms, severe cases of anaphylactic shock occurred. If the cyst puncture into the renal pelvis, calyces, cystic fluid into the bladder, can appear hematuria and bladder irritation, cyst debris entering the ureter can cause renal colic. The main sign of renal cystic mass, large abdominal bulge, heavy percussion can feel back to the earthquake "hydatid fremitus. With hydronephrosis, renal cyst. The disease complicated with hepatic hydatid disease and eosinophilia. X-ray showed renal region round calcification, nuclide, ultrasound or CT renal lesions. Hydatid skin In the test (positive rate 90%) and complement fixation test (positive rate 80%) contribute to the diagnosis of hydatid disease.

The above four is normally a parasite of symptoms of urinary tract infection, and again the following introduce how to treat parasitic urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection is the treatment of parasites need symptomatic pesticide.

Treatment of urine parasite infection

Treatment of 1. trichomonas infection of urinary tract

Metronidazole (metrodinazole, Flagyl), 0.2 0.4g, 3 /d, 10 days for 1 course. At an interval of 1 months can be repeated for 1 cycles. (tinidazole, fasigin) 2.0g tinidazole orally, or 0.5g, 3 times /d, a total of 10 days, or 0.5g/ times, 2 times /d, a total of 14 days due to urinary tract invasion. Trichomonas are often the first bacterial urinary tract infection, it can also be combined with antibiotics (such as tetracycline, oxytetracycline, etc.) or with antibiotics. Male urinary tract infection Trichomonas, multiple sexual life caused by husband and wife should also be treated during the treatment, the prohibition of sexual intercourse.

2. urinary filariasis treatment 

The current use of diethylcarbamazine (Hai Qunsheng) and CARBARSONE. Treatment with diethylcarbamazine (Hai Qunsheng) dose of 0.2g, 3 /d, 7 days for 1 course. CARBARSONE ineffective against microfilariae, and diethylcarbamazine (Hai Qunsheng) combined with 0.25g 2 /d, taking 10 days for 1 course. Levomisole on better. Microfilaria effect 100mg, 2 times /d, even for 5 days. The treatment of chyluria patients by cystoscopy, retrograde urography, urinary tract into determining the chyle site after surgery may be considered.

3. Treatment of urinary tract amebiasis

Extraintestinal amebiasis preferred metronidazole (Mie Diling).0.75g, 3 /d, 5 to 10 days for 1 courses; or 0.6g, 3 times /d, a total of 30 days, especially the amebic renal abscess, treatment should not be too short to avoid recurrence.

Secondly, can choose emetine (emetine hydrochloride) 1mg/ (kg - D), deep intramuscular injection, a total of 6 days, severe can continue to use half the amount of injection for 6 days. Dehydroemetine (dehydroemetine) 1 - 1.5mg/ (kg - D). Intramuscular injection, 1 /d and 10 days for 1 course. Emetine (Tu Genjian) because of its high toxicity, has been seldom used. Dehydroemetine (dehydroemetine) cardiac toxicity is low. Emetine can also be chloroquine 0.25g, 3 /d, a total of 5 days, then 2 times /d, a total of 30 days. Iodoquinol, tetracycline etc. can be appropriate to use. Chinese herbal medicine garlic, Brucea javanica, white head Weng are very good anti amoebic drugs.

Treatment of 4. renal hydatid disease

The only way is surgical excision of the cyst. If there is an allergic reaction, should be actively controlled.

The above is the treatment of parasites for urinary tract infection, we think it is after treatment is so simple, but small series here hope that all friends of patients still have to go to the hospital for regular inspection, so that the good understanding of their condition.

Thpe arasite infection of urinary tract examination

1. incidence of urinary tract infection

In the morning the first micturition after a small amount of purulent secretion, urethral mouth secretion for Trichomonas, positive rate was 80%, the positive rate of urine for Trichomonas, negative urine culture.

2. urinary tract amebiasis

Take fresh urine repeatedly amoeba examination, but since the urine found amoeba has little chance.

3. urinary tract filariasis

Visible chyluria, chyluria after standing can be pided into 3 layers: the upper layer is white fat, the middle layer is liquid, lower red precipitate. Chyluria with ether shake, can make the urine clear. If in filariasis endemic areas, if it is found that the urine is milky white, with red blood cells, white blood cells and fat, static the 3 layer, chyle test positive, indicating that the lesion has invaded the urinary tract. If found microfilariae in the blood (nighttime blood) and was found to have elephantiasis of limbs, the establishment of the diagnosis of filariasis.

4. renal hydatid disease

Have eosinophilia.

Routine renal ultrasound radionuclide X-ray or CT examination

1. urinary tract amebiasis, renal ultrasound, radionuclide, X-ray or CT examination is helpful for diagnosis of amebic renal abscess or around renal abscess.

2. renal hydatid disease hydatid disease with hepatic hydatid disease, X-ray showed renal Zone round calcification, nuclide, ultrasound or CT renal lesions. Contribute to diagnosis of hydatid disease.

Nursing care of urine parasite infection

Daily notice as follows:

1, full of water, more than 3000 daily to maintain moisture.

2, at least every 3 to 4 hours, to be emptying the bladder at a time.

3, pay attention to personal hygiene, female toilet, toilet paper should be back to clean perineal anus, can not wipe back and forth.

4, avoid excitant food, and drink alcohol or coffee.

5, eat more fruits containing vitamin C, orange, lemon and plum juice to keep urine acid.

6, with showers.

7, before and after sexual intercourse must urinate.

8, do not hold back, especially to pregnant women.

9, take medicine according to the doctor instructed, not because of symptoms after the termination without stopping.

10, diabetes, urinary calculi, thyroid hypertrophy patients can lead to urinary tract infection, and should be treated appropriately.

Conclusion: today on the related content of parasitic urinary tract infection is here, I believe that everyone has the parasitic urinary tract infection has a certain understanding, after suffering from parasitic urinary tract infection we don't care, it will delay the timing of treatment right, otherwise it will aggravate their condition, that is The loss outweighs the gain..






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