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How and why developing kidney hypertrophy: what harm it brin

This article describes the definition of renal hypertrophy, what causes kidney enlargement, and life we ​​should pay attention to what can effectively avoid kidney hypertrophy....

How and why developing kidney hypertrophy: what harm it brin

Oct 21, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Replacement or vicarious hypertrophy of the kidneys develops as a result of death or surgical removal of one of the paired organs. Compensation of renal operation is provided by the gain operation of one of the remaining kidney and increase its size.

Vicarious hypertrophy has its own pathogenic entity and its value is close to the regenerative type of hypertrophy. In the development of a hypertrophy actively involved complex humoral and reflex regulation of the human body, as well as in the type of compensatory hypertrophy.

Vicarious hypertrophy of the kidney is classified into false and true hypertrophy. The true species is adaptive in nature, and when the false increase in body size of species is due to the active proliferation of connective and fatty tissue, which is considerably worsens the functioning of the kidneys survived. Simultaneously with the false kind vicarious hypertrophy in the kidney passes atrophic processes.

It is important!

By increasing the size of the kidney, but simultaneous normal parameters echogenicity, as well as a small amount or the complete absence of the second kidney organ size increase may be the result of compensatory hypertrophy. If one of the renal imaging can not be then necessary to avoid the formation of cross-dystonia and other disorders of development. Vicarious hypertrophy is an increase in kidney size, because it places the work there is no second kidney.


Why manifested hypertrophy


The most common causes of hypertrophy should be considered the following:

The influence of external factors, which are located outside the human body, or inside it, when one of the external systems becomes a factor with respect to the other system.

Effect of internal factors, which are located in the regularities of the whole organism.

The first species hypertrophy be attributed excessive formation of tissues due to prolonged and severe of the inflammatory process.

Vicarious hypertrophy of the left or of the right kidney can develop regardless of age person a few months after the second removal of the kidneys or stop its normal operation.


As formed and manifested hypertrophy


When exposed to endocrine and neurogenic effect on the kidney is amplified cell functioning. They increase the concentration of substances that have an autocrine and paracrine effects. Thus, the number of cells increases and organelles content that is characterized by hypertrophy of cells. In addition, in some cells, tissue begins to form in a large number of cell proliferation factors, and this helps to increase their number.

Vicarious hypertrophy of the left or of the right kidney is based on a whole complex of humoral and reflex regulation.

It is important!

Hypertrophy is formed due to the increase in size of the glomeruli as well as by expanding the lumen of convoluted tubules. The number of nephrons in the kidney increased remains the same as in the normal kidney. Increasing only the concentration of cells of the nephron.

Maintain the health of the patient After the death of her kidneys or surgical removal of lesion pathology develops vicarious hypertrophy of the second paired organ in about forty days after the operation. The kidney is an increase in protein synthesis and ribonucleic acid in addition to paper are utilized nephrons to 95%, and in normal kidney are involved in only 63% of nephrons. Since the number of nephrons is again reduced over time. After four - eight days after the occurrence of the symptoms of kidney function are aligned.

Vicarious hypertrophy of the right kidney and left kidney is not considered the norm, but more often it becomes useful for the human body, because the body begins to work strenuously due to increased blood flow, increasing the penetration of the kidney nutrients. But even these pathological processes are not able to provide the kidney functioning at full capacity.

In essence increase of organs and tissues in the human body, above normal, it extends in two directions, namely an increase in volume and size of the cells themselves, or increase in cell number.

The main terms of the concept of differentiation hypertrophy from other processes reinforced rise is considered more or less normal functional tissue identity, which is excessive in size compared to normal values.

In contrast to the process described in the regeneration of organs or tissues identity with source of active proliferation of tissue products is manifested only in the minimum size. For example, in the formation and growth of tumors most often products of its overgrowth lose your own identity with the original functional fabrics.


recommendations of life


Treatment of kidney hypertrophy usually not required because the remaining kidney takes over the function of the deceased or a remote organ. In such a situation will require the organization maintaining the state of health of the patient and directly the health of the remaining kidney.

It should abandon uncontrolled receiving pharmaceuticals and especially to self prohibited. It is better to try to avoid hypothermia and contacts with sick ARI, influenza, etc. to prevent inflammation of the remaining service

How and why developing kidney hypertrophy: what harm it brings to the body

In compliance with the regime of rest and working people facilitates the kidneys work. Very useful are walks in the mornings and in the evenings. Wiping water and a rough towel.

Greater attention should be catering. Food should be easily digestible and contain the necessary amounts of vitamins. The diet required to include cream, sour cream, honey, eggs, vegetables. Fish or meat need to eat boiled.

Should not abruptly change the eating habits, for example, a sharp transition from plant and dairy food for protein. Harmful abuse salty, spicy foods, and canned foods. It is forbidden to drink mineral water regularly, because it is composed of a large amount of salts, which are more difficult to filter one kidney, so increases the risk of stone formation.

It is important!

Some people believe that the restriction of fluid intake helps to facilitate the functioning of the kidneys. But in the absence of problems in the body of work to do this should not be.

To maintain normal operation of one kidney is required to treat patients in a timely manner of the teeth, inflammation of the tonsils and other chronic inflammatory processes of nature. This will prevent the occurrence of pyelonephritis. If a patient with one kidney suffers from diabetes or any cardiovascular lesions, liver and lungs, then it is required to periodically visit the relevant experts in order to maintain health.

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