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We select the treatment strategy in the development of kidne

This article from the renal hemangioma pathogenesis, the formation process, genetic predisposition, diagnosis and complications and other aspects of a comprehensive analysis of renal hemangioma, to help you understand renal hemangioma, prevention of r...

We select the treatment strategy in the development of kidne

Oct 20, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

angiolipoma kidney mesenchymal tumors are composed of smooth muscle fibers of blood vessels with thick walls and mature adipose tissue in various proportions.Various kidney damage

kidney angiolipoma

It is important!

Classified two major forms of pathology isolated and associated with tuberous sclerosis. Usually, when the latter form tumors are bilateral and multiple.


Causes and smptomy tumor formation


The following reasons for the formation angiolipoma stand out in modern medicine, namely:


Formation of other tumors.

Hereditary predisposition.

Childbearing, as in regard to hormonal tumor depends on estogenov.

Various kidney damage.


In the formation of angiolipoma patients often complain of the following symptoms:

Unceasing pain pulling character in the peritoneal cavity in the back. Generally, the manifestation of pain in such pathology correlates with hemorrhage arising when damaged blood vessels. In medicine, there are cases where bleeding is the cause of symptoms of peritonitis, or hemorrhagic shock.

Frequent and sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure.

blood in the urine.

Formation of a neoplasm which is detected by palpation.


pathology diagnostics


Diagnosis angiolipoma in the kidney plays an important role, because the timely establishment of the pathology allows professionals to prevent the development of serious complications in the patient. Therefore, even with the slightest suspicion of a problem with the kidneys work better to immediately visit the medical facility in order to organize a comprehensive survey on the presence of angiolipoma and other severe pathologies.


The following diagnostic procedures are carried out to make an accurate diagnosis:

1.consultation of the urologist and physician;

2. ultrasound examination;

3. ultrasonic angiography;

4. MRI;

5. X-rays;

6. CT scan;

7. general analysis of urine and blood;

8. blood chemistry.

In practice, most often identified agiolipomy small size, and their presence does not affect the patient's health status.


healing process


The treatment process angiolipoma kidney correlates with shapes, sizes, and clinical tumor. An isolated tumor size of up to 4 cm under constant surveillance, and in other cases, the operation requires - partial nephrectomy.

It is important!

Angiolipoma management method of treatment also depends on the severity of onset of symptoms. Patients with small tumors in the kidney, less than 5 cm in diameter, without causing disease symptoms usually are registered with a doctor and urologist is not carried out special treatment for them.

The tumor size of up to 4 cm The question of surgical intervention, ie the removal angiolipoma treated with the active growth of a tumor and pronounced symptoms. This requires the holding of partial nephrectomy - removal of part of it, which is a tumor. With the development of complications such as kidney rupture and bleeding require urgent surgical intervention.

When you convert a malignant tumor, the diagnosis of renal vein thrombosis, increase in the size of lymph nodes is solved the question of organizing nephrectomy - removal of the kidney. But such a decision can take only doctor on the basis of a thorough diagnosis carried out.


complications of the disease


Angiolipoma large kidneys may suddenly explode. Causing severe bleeding in the kidney, and the space behind the peritoneum.

In recent decades, studies have been conducted in medicine, showing that kidney angiolipoma is a true neoplasm, mainly is benign, but when running can be transformed into oncology, and becomes the primary malignant.

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