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How dangerous is the sand in the kidneys and how to treat it

How dangerous is the sand in the kidneys? The emergence of kidney sand is quite dangerous phenomenon. In cases where the disease started and is not treated, it gradually begins to turn into stones, this leads toa blockage of the urinary tra...

How dangerous is the sand in the kidneys and how to treat it

Sep 07, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

How dangerous is the sand in the kidneys? The emergence of kidney sand is quite dangerous phenomenon. In cases where the disease started and is not treated, it gradually begins to turn into stones, this leads to a blockage of the urinary tract and cause injury.

Sand in kidneys, ureter shell and the bladder leads to infections, since fine particles traumatic its wall. That is why immediately after detection in urine small sediment (sand) need to urgently contact a qualified and complete examination.

As there is sand in the urine?

The medical term "sand in urine" says about the appearance of urinary salts accumulations of certain chemicals (salts, uric acid, oxalic acid, acetic acid). Disease prone not only adults but also children.

salt crystals (sand) is the smallest formation, which accumulate in the kidney against sharp disorders acidity of urine and metabolism.

The causes of a significant set of crystals, and the consequences of the sand in kidneys is not so perse:

  • The formation of stones;
  • Inflammation of kidneys and urinary tract.

The clinical picture of the disease are formed depending on the severity of the disease, age of the patient, as well as salts chemical structures of which consist perspective stones.

The appearance of salt crystals occurs when the body changes in acid-base status of urine occurs metabolic disorders, and pathologies of the urinary system.

It is important! According to statistics, most often sand speaks of urolithiasis. In the presence of this disease is observed the formation of stones in the urinary tract area, which bring a lot of unpleasant symptoms.

Quite often the accumulation of crystalline compounds occurs in renal functional characteristics.

On the formation of the sand affect multiple factors, each of which can be decisive for the beginning of the development of kidney stones.

The sand in kidneys - disease symptoms and diagnosis

The clinical picture is as follows:

  1. The occurrence of acute pain in the back and lower back pain can irradirovat in the thigh or groin.
  2. Resi during urination;
  3. Change in urine color (dark);
  4. The presence in the blood and the urine sediment.

It is important!   In the absence of adequate treatment sand kidney stones are formed in them, they can not supply any signs, but eventually all turn sufficiently negative (the occurrence of multiple complications).

In this connection, the risk of sand - is the risk of stone formation, as a result of blockage of the ducts, the accession of infection.

Treatment of this disease

Before you start treatment you must make sure that the concretions and sand are really there in the kidneys.

Diagnosis of this disease:

  • The analysis results (blood, urine);
  • Data collection history and clinical manifestations of ICD.

The skilled person analyzing the data history, finding out what specifically complains about any particular patient will supply a correct diagnosis without difficulty.

The need to confirm the ICD is to conduct ultrasonic diagnosis, it allows you to visualize the state of the inside of the kidneys.

It is important! Upon confirmation by ultrasound sand in kidneys, most professionals try to resort to the methods of conservative therapy. Now there are many modern medications that can successfully dissolve the stones and bring the sand.

Surgery surgery to solve this problem is less common if conservative treatment is not effective or significant accumulations of stones and can be removed only by surgery.

The faster will be initiated, treatment-the better the result!

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