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How to prevent nephritis in hot summer?

A kidney is a vital organ that regulates the body's water balance. It is a "drain" that excretes hazardous substances and excess water. If you have a kidney disease, you have a direct effect on your health, How can we do better to prevent nephritis?...

How to prevent nephritis in hot summer?

Jul 04, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

The kidney is an important organ that regulates the body's balance of water. It is a "drain" that excretes hazardous substances and excess water. If you have a kidney disease, you have a direct effect on your health, and this summer, there are a lot of things that cause nephritis, and how can we do better to prevent nephritis?

First of all, we should know what symptoms or diseases can cause nephritis,so that we can know how to better prevent nephritis

Here are some common causes of nephritis

A cold causes acute nephritis

The occurrence of acute nephritis is directly related to streptococcal infection. It's hot in the summer air pressure is low, with the decline of people's resistance, it is easy to cause upper respiratory tract infection,it is an important factor leading to the onset of acute nephritis. In general, 80% of patients with acute nephritis can be cured as long as they are treated in time and actively cooperate with the doctor. But if you live in the environment that with polluted water, garbage piles and dusty, paying special attention to the surrounding environment and personal hygiene, to prevent bacterial infection caused by insect bites, etc, on the infection of acute nephritis. Acute nephritis can also develop into acute renal failure and even life-threatening conditions.

Lupus erythematosus causes lupus nephritis

Lupus erythematosus and lupus nephritis are easy to attack in summer due to UV exposure, even if you don't have history of lupus erythematosus (sle), it is easy to infection and attack at this time. People with a history of erythematosus are more likely to be active in their disease-causing cells, causing them to worsen or relapse.

In particular, lupus erythema is more common in women because of the unique endocrine structure of women. So young women, especially in the summer to avoid activities of lupus erythematosus (sle) induced factors, such as sunlight, ultraviolet radiation) and is associated with lupus erythematosus (sle), etc. As a result, patients with lupus nephritis do not go out in the summer.

Diabetes causes nephritis

Eating a lot of fruit and drinks in the summer can easily lead to a high glycemic index in diabetics. And diabetics who sweat more in the summer can cause diabetic ketoacidosis, or non-ketosis, and even kidney failure. So a person with diabetes must pay attention to control sugar in the diet in the summer, keep the daily normal water level, to supplement the loss of sweat, to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon.

4, urinary tract infection causes nephritis

People like swimming and other water activities in Summer, but we should know that in the swimming pool and the flow of water, it's easy to cause bacteria to cause infections in people on the urethra, and finally lead to the occurrence of nephritis. In particular, have a high risk of retrograde infections for women due to the specific physiological structure. Therefore, the friends who like to swim should be careful not to paddle in the inactive water, not to swim in the river and the river.

How can we do better to prevent nephritis?Summer life needs attention:

1, to avoid a high-fat diet, and a large number of protein diet, not only for patients with renal impairment to limit the amount of protein, but also avoiding beans, soy products and other foods high in plant protein and animal innards.

2, In the short term, the droplet should be limited to water, but after the edema is receded, it is appropriate to drink when the urine is much higher.

3, accompanied by renal hypertensive patients conditions had better bring your own device, regular monitoring and recording of the early, middle and late and before taking the medicine blood pressure, reference are provided for doctors in clinic.

4, Chronic kidney patients suffer from poor resistance, and this season is particularly important to prevent hot colds and enteritis.

5, Try not to scratch when your skin is itchy, and use some of the external medicine to prevent infection.

6, Make good personal hygiene and change underwear.

7, No matter how do you feels, it is better to review it every six months.


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