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What are the most common diseases associated with hematuria

This article describes the intimate relationship between glomerulonephritis and hypertension, hematuria, and the introduction of hypertension-related diseases....

What are the most common diseases associated with hematuria

Oct 16, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert


Hypertension may be due to glomerulonephritis. Glomerulonephritis is mainly because of glomerular injury caused by the disease, the main clinical manifestation is proteinuria, hematuria, edema, hypertension, so your real situation may be caused by glomerulonephritis, at the same time, the disease also can cause other diseases. So some basic knowledge of glomerulonephritis still need to look at, so today glomerulonephritis this disease to introduce the following, hope have some help to you.


Glomerulonephritis causes the clinical manifestations of urine to be characterized by little or no urine. Urine, night urine, etc. Blood in the urine. Proteinuria; Urine tube type. Consulting content is blood in the urine. As a result, a brief introduction, because glomerular hematuria caused by capillary caused serious damage and fracture, and the different source of renal hematuria.

What are the most common diseases associated with hypertension

Systemic changes include renal edema, renal hypertension, blood creatinine, renal anemia, and pine disease. Also, briefly introduce kidney hypertension. Glomerular ischemia due to glomerular lesion, renin secretion increased, thus can appear when god does high blood pressure, at the same time, due to the abnormal renal function, lead to effective circulating blood volume increase, also can cause renal hypertension.

What are the most common diseases associated with hypertension

3. At the same time, there will be a lot of glomerulonephritis clinical syndrome, acute nephritis syndrome, rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis syndrome, chronic nephritis syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, recurrent or persistent hematuria, occult nephritis syndrome, renal failure, uremia, and so on. Severe kidney disease can lead to blood urine and high blood pressure.


Information for your reference judging their symptoms, if really is this condition, recommend treatment as soon as possible, after all, kidney that on the one hand, it is important for human body, especially in severe cases, symptoms risk is higher, hope the above information is of certain help to you.

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