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alert! The kidney "red light"

alert! The "red light"...

alert! The kidney "red light"

May 13, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

The normal position of the kidney is on both sides of the first and second lumbar vertebrae. If the position of the kidney drops, it is called renal ptosis. Renal ptosis generally occurs in the thin body of tall people, more common in women than in men. Seems nephroptosis has little effect on health, however, can cause severe renal ptosis induced by ureter distortion, hydronephrosis, renal damage and function. So, how to find your kidney has sagged?

Urinary urgency, when renal ptosis, kidney ureter distort below, urine out blocked, it is easy to cause urinary tract infections, frequent urination, urgency and other symptoms of lumbago, kidney sagging, drooping side waist pain often appear rather baffling, and in the tired, walking, standing for a long time after aggravating. Relieve or disappear while lying down. Because of hematuria, kidney sagging, activity increased, when the patient walks, the kidney under vibration, make the kidney vascular stretch, even distorted, causing kidney blood stasis induced hematuria. The lighter the urine for nephroptosis testing by several can be found. The kidney and gastrointestinal symptoms, drooping stimulation nerves around the by pulling the stimulated nerve reflex disorder, cause digestive function disorder, resulting in indigestion, epigastric fullness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea and so on.

The above description once flashed, should go to hospital as soon as possible, in order to get timely treatment. Renal ptosis mild renal support available or canvas belt, in the Trendelenburg position with belt, make the kidney fixed to a higher position, in order to reduce renal activity. Severe ptosis of the kidney, it should be according to the diagnosis of the situation, consider the possibility of surgical treatment by a doctor.


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