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Why is it prone to nephritis in summer?

Why is it prone to nephritis in summer?...

Why is it prone to nephritis in summer?

May 13, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert


Summer hot weather, high temperatures, this time the body's resistance decreased, many people will appear low back pain, fatigue and other symptoms. Most people think that is tired and other reasons caused by the rest can be restored, but some people may not see more than a month to rest better. Many low back pain symptoms are caused by fatigue, but many are pathological, causing a lot of causes of low back pain, such as inflammation, stones, infections, kidney disease, and kidney disease will be varying degrees of low back pain symptoms, if the patient mistakenly considered to be tired Caused by, did not cause enough attention, may delay treatment.

Summer is the multiple season of nephritis, many patients have ignored the summer of kidney protection. Kidney organs are a very important part of the human body, once the kidney damage is not only difficult to cure, but also the overall function of the body can cause serious impact, and even endanger life safety.

Why is the summer season of kidney disease?

Summer people often like to eat barbecue, drink beer, will produce too much uric acid and urea nitrogen and other metabolic wastes, increase the excretion of kidney burden. And a large number of drinking easily lead to hyperuricemia, these habits can also cause high blood lipids and other metabolic diseases, causing kidney disease. Summer weather is hot, this time the body's resistance decreased, it is easy to suffer from some common diseases, such as colds, diabetes, lupus erythematosus and other diseases, and the emergence of these diseases are likely to induce nephritis.

Summer body a lot of perspiration, if you can not get a long time to add water, urine will be reduced, the urine to carry the concentration of waste and toxins will increase, easily lead to kidney stones, hydronephrosis and so on. Also stay up all night, eat salty, work pressure, love to drink tea and coffee, but also prone to renal function problems. And eating habits of salty, will lead to increased blood pressure, kidney blood can not maintain normal flow, and thus induce kidney disease.

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