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Early symptom of renal tuberculosis? What are the symptoms o

Symptoms of renal tuberculosis: Often no obvious symptoms, early urinary tract imaging is no exception, the only important positive found only urine contains a small amount of red blood cells and pus cells, the urine can be detected in m. t...

Early symptom of renal tuberculosis? What are the symptoms o

Aug 13, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Symptoms of renal tuberculosis:

Often no obvious symptoms, early urinary tract imaging is no exception, the only important positive found only urine contains a small amount of red blood cells and pus cells, the urine can be detected in m. tuberculosis. With the development of the disease, the following symptoms may occur:

1,The urinary disorder occurs slowly, with most patients initially having frequent urination, especially during the night. The urethral burning sensation or pain in the urine, sometimes in urgency. In the early days, the urinary frequency system was stimulated by the urinary bladder, which contains pus and tuberculosis. After the presence of tuberculosis and ulceration in the bladder, the frequency of the urinary frequency was more frequent. If the bladder tuberculous ulcer is deep, the healing process of scarring that can lead to contracture of the bladder, bladder capacity decreases sharply, patients with more severe urinary frequency, can be as many as dozens to hundreds of times can't even count, dribbling outflow phenomenon of incontinence. At this time, the urine pain also increases, the area of the pubic area after urination is difficult to endure, a cold sweat. According to domestic statistics, some 77.6 percent of patients have urination disorder, which lasts longer, no treatment is difficult to disappear, and general antibiotics are ineffective or only slightly improved.

2,This is another important symptom of renal tuberculosis, which is about 70 percent. General and urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain symptoms appear at the same time, more for terminal hematuria, serious blood clots from time to tome, is due to bladder tuberculous in urine bladder contraction caused by inflammation, ulcer bleeding. In the case of a bladder lesion, renal tuberculosis hemorrhage is shown to be a painless total blood urine.

3,The incidence of pus is about 20%. The urine contains a large number of pus, which can be mixed with cheese. A severe person is made of rice and can also be urine for abscess.

4,The incidence of lumbar pain is about 10%. In the early days, there was no lumbar pain, but there was a low back pain. If you have water on the side of the kidney, you can have a side pain. A small number of patients may cause renal colic pain by blocking the ureter from a blood clot or pus.

5. Local symptoms: not very common, inpidual patients in the upper abdomen hit a massive, owe the smooth surface of the kidney, tenderness, if you have kidney seeper or pus kidney is more likely to be hit. Renal tuberculosis lumbago is rare, but in tuberculosis cause renal capsule and secondary infection, or ureter is caseous material and clot, dull pain or cramps can occur. Kidney tuberculosis may have a dull pain in the waist when standing on the side of the kidney.

6. Systemic symptom: unilateral renal tuberculosis systemic symptom is not obvious, if combined with other parts of the tuberculosis or bilateral renal tuberculosis, especially have a side TB gets serious, empyema, the kidneys will fever, night sweats, loss of appetite, emaciation, lack of force and other symptoms. If there are symptoms such as anemia, nausea, vomiting, and edema, you should be aware of the need for renal insufficiency and uremia. If the kidney is completely destroyed without function, and the ureter is blocked by the urethral or pus, it can suddenly occur without urine.

7. Renal hypertension: with bilateral renal artery stenosis, unilateral or bilateral renal blood flow decreased, renin secretion too much can lead to renal hypertension, diastolic blood pressure increased more obviously. Most of the hypertension after nephrectomy can be restored. Professor xiong rucheng (1965) reported 30 cases of renal tuberculosis combined with hypertension, and 23 cases (76.6 percent) were normal after nephrectomy.

Other: after the cause of the bladder tuberculosis causes bladder tuberculosis, it can sometimes form the bladder vaginal fistula or the bladder rectum fistula, causing the corresponding clinical symptoms. Some patients with renal tuberculosis can combine tuberculosis, bone tuberculosis, and germ line tuberculosis.

It is generally believed that in case of the following situations should think of the possibility of renal tuberculosis: (1) with chronic bladder irritation symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain, and in the urine protein and red and white blood cells; Young men with chronic bladder irritation; The increased frequency of urination, urination, urination, or the accompanying hematuria, which are not effective against infection; The urine is acidic, it has pus, and the common culture of non-bacterial growth; In the case of tuberculosis or other renal tuberculosis, a small amount of protein is present in the urinary fluid, and there are red blood cells in the mirror. In the examination, the prostate is narrowed and hardened, the surface is uneven, the epididymis, the seminal vesicle or the deferent duct thickens and the scrotum has a chronic sinus.

Above is a common manifestation of renal tuberculosis, but there are plenty of atypical cases may not have the performance, for example, in a recent report a group of 349 cases of renal tuberculosis patients, about 25% of the patients not self-conscious symptom or only the above 1 ~ 2 kinds of extremely slight performance. Such atypical cases often from the clinical manifestations and difficult to diagnose in the general laboratory tests, but it has the following some characteristic: (1) young and middle-aged patients with recurrent asymptomatic blood in the urine; There was only mild low back pain and no bladder irritation, and the IVU showed the lower end of the urethral obstruction on one side of the ureter. In the absence of symptoms, the IVU showed an undeveloped kidney; There is no other clear reason for the stubborn frequency of urination. The above performance is helpful for the diagnosis of renal tuberculosis, but further comprehensive systematic examination is needed to determine the diagnosis.

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