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Drink tea with milk may cause kidney stones?

For milk and drink tea with the question of whether or not to produce kidney stones, we should first understand oxalic acid with stone formation. Expert says, oxalic acid, is a kind of organism metabolites in the human body easy formation o...

Drink tea with milk may cause kidney stones?

Apr 01, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

"For milk and drink tea with the question of whether or not to produce kidney stones, we should first understand oxalic acid with stone formation." Expert says, oxalic acid, is a kind of organism metabolites in the human body easy formation of calcium oxalate with calcium ions which can lead to kidney stones. Oxalate in the body there are two main sources, one is the intestinal absorption of food of oxalic acid, namely exogenous oxalic acid. Second, the formation of oxalate metabolism in the body, the endogenous oxalic acid. The production of endogenous oxalic acid mainly based on the following two forms: vitamin C directly into oxalic acid; Produced by glyoxylic acid metabolism.

"In the body of the endogenous oxalic acid content is low, most is exogenous oxalic acid, the obtained from food." According to introducing, excessive exogenous oxalic acid after ingestion by the body, such as not shift to combine with other substances, can be directly absorbed by the intestine, finally the renal excretion, and calcium in the kidney, can form calcium oxalate. Therefore, oxalic acid can be combined with other substances in the body, avoid getting into the kidney is very important.

"Natural calcium class material (the most typical is milk) in the reaction of calcium and oxalate in tea, avoids the oxalic acid is absorbed in the stomach, reducing the content of oxalate within the body, so you don't have to worry about there are too many of oxalic acid and calcium in the kidney." Experts said, drink milk with tea not only won't produce kidney stones, but also can reduce the risk of stone formation.

Domestic research thinks, tea is oxalic acid food, too much to drink strong tea may cause the urine oxalate excretion increased, while higher increase in the number of urinary calcium concentration and oxalic acid intake is stone formation of risk factors.

In one study, researchers had high concentration of oxalic acid in the urine of patients with kidney stones have high calcium diet, in an effort to reduce the amount of oxalic acid in the urine. Nutritionists tailored calcium diet for everyone to ensure at least 300 milligrams of calcium intake in their meals. The result showed that after eating more natural foods that are rich in calcium, those patients urine oxalic acid concentration is reduced, at the same time, the urinary calcium excretion and without any changes. To this, the researchers believe that eating more natural foods that are rich in calcium, combination of oxalic acid in the gut, is an effective measure to control high urinary oxalate.

How to prevent kidney stones to eat?

Kidney stones are most vulnerable, at the same time also has a high incidence of time, for the moment, the most time is in the summer, and winter two periods, especially in winter, the most common general, winter caused kidney stones, are gradually began to form in the summer, here introduces the ways to prevent kidney stones:

1. Drinking water, not a full bladder Daily water consumption in 3000 ~ 3000 ml, water several times, and evenly distributed in the day. Foreign stone composition was found the excretion of many in the night and morning peak, while the urine has excessively concentrated, easy to stone formation. Therefore, in this time water is best. To keep the urine volume at night, in addition to drinking water before sleep, get up at night urination after appropriate water again.

2. Drink less beer Some people think that beer can diuresis, can prevent the occurrence of urinary calculi. Actually, beer malt juice contains calcium acid, oxalic acid and purine nucleotides and their interaction, can make the increase of uric acid in the human body, become the important cause of formation of kidney stones.

3. Eat less meat, animal offal Because meat produce uric acid metabolism, animal offal is tall purine food, also can produce high blood uric acid catabolism, and uric acid is the main element of the stone formation. Should give priority to with a vegetarian diet, eating foods rich in cellulose.

4. Eating less salt too salty diet the burden will add to the kidney, and salt and calcium in the body has the synergism, and will interfere with the prevention and treatment of kidney stones drug metabolism process, salt intake should be less than 5 grams per day.

5. Eat less sugar Sugar, oxalic acid and calcium ion concentration in urine after urinary acidity increases, uric acid increased can make uric acid calcium, calcium oxalate is easy to precipitate, prompting the stone formation.

Kidney stones in patients with kidney damage probability is bigger, so want to be treated in a timely manner for kidney stones, and pay attention to don't damage to the kidney in the treatment of kidney stones, patients can drink plenty of water every day, this helps to row of stone, play the role of adjuvant therapy.


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