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Children can also get kidney disease

In peoples impression of kidney disease seems to be middle-aged and old people will appear. But modern nephropathy has been extending its tentacles to young children. Experts believe that this may be related to the long-term academic stress...

Children can also get kidney disease

Mar 08, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

In people's impression of kidney disease seems to be middle-aged and old people will appear. But modern nephropathy has been extending its tentacles to young children. Experts believe that this may be related to the long-term academic stress of children. Education, training, what specialty classes, advanced classes, want their child into the expectation of parents of children too often the heart has caused tremendous pressure, so that their endocrine disorders, kidney problems.


Now with the academic pressure increases, young people face more and more heavy study, the pressure of college entrance examination in order to cultivate the children or families, for a variety of training, specialty classes, the law of life is not the normal adolescent, very good. Some teenagers are addicted to online games, such as a different routine life, so that the child's endocrine system disorders.

The symptoms of kidney disease with occult, coupled with the child's self described symptoms are not clear, it is difficult to get the attention of parents. Once the symptoms appear, the kidneys have been seriously damaged. Often see such a situation: clinical child systemic edema, parents realized that the child got kidney disease, and then has missed the golden period of treatment, resulting in disease protraction. There are parents unable to choose a regular hospital and treatment, resulting in irreversible damage to the child's kidney, is the wrong choice, and finally even lead to children with uremia.

In the ninth session of the Asian Society of pediatric nephrology and the Eleventh National Conference on pediatric nephrology, experts said: at present, China's more than 300 million to 14 years of age in children, there are about 2000000 children with kidney disease. If there is no timely and effective treatment of sick children, there will be uremia in adolescence or adulthood, the need for dialysis and transplantation therapy. Experts said that the majority of young people with kidney disease can be cured, we must attach importance to the detection of early kidney damage signal, urine screening is found in the early kidney damage signal the easiest way. Because there is no special clinical signs of kidney disease, so the prevention of kidney disease should do the following:

First, to the regular physical examination, especially at the beginning of the students and the college entrance examination test, before and after the initial examination and college entrance examination must do a urine test.

Second, to master the basic knowledge such as the emergence of nephropathy, Yaoxisuanruan, anemia, edema, hematuria, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms must do a urine test.

Third, we should always carefully observe and ask the child, once the above symptoms, timely treatment.

Fourth, after the diagnosis of kidney disease in children, be sure to go to a large kidney specialist hospital. Because kidney disease is not a high incidence and common diseases, the doctor's clinical experience for treatment has a decisive role. There are many patients with large kidney disease hospital, the doctor's clinical experience, good treatment effect.

In addition, if can carry out routine urine, we can detect some of the children have proteinuria, hematuria and other common symptoms of kidney disease, and follow-up, early treatment and early intervention, protect the kidney long-term for these children, can reduce the occurrence of chronic renal failure.

But please note that when your child is cold, fever, and eyelids, facial swelling; abnormal color of urine, abnormal urine; child body rash, purpura or pustular sore and swollen eyelids, and abnormal urine, should try to bring the child to the hospital. With high-risk groups must regularly test, especially had scarlet fever, tonsillitis, syndrome of Streptococcus infection and other diseases of children, in two weeks to do a urine test. Allergic purpura within 3 months of repeated urine, then also to long-term follow-up.



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