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Kidney opens into the ear eight move ear kidney health insur

The ears are buzzing and the sound is not clear This may be a sign of kidney function gradually, sometimes accompanied by pain, frequent urination and other symptoms. The Yellow Emperor in kidney opens into the ear, so people will appear ki...

Kidney opens into the ear eight move ear kidney health insur

Feb 27, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

The ears are buzzing and the sound is not clear

This may be a sign of kidney function gradually, sometimes accompanied by pain, frequent urination and other symptoms. The "Yellow Emperor" in "kidney opens into the ear", so people will appear kidney deafness, tinnitus, on the contrary, if sensitive hearing, that kidney is better.

"Kidney opens into the ear", "four" in micro Jue said: "such as ear coke charcoal, renal failure, renal failure, or death." The birth of the kidney, hide the viscera of the sperm, so the ear movement naturally can not let down. A famous Chinese scientist, Professor Yang Li proposed Chinese Research Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, ear always buzzing sound is not too clear, sometimes accompanied by pain and urination, it may be a sign of kidney function gradually weakened. And those who have been diagnosed with renal failure, Dr. Xu Ying points out, often have hearing loss.

- see the body from the ear

Although the ear is a small part of the human body, accounting for only 1% of the total area of the human body, but it has a role in predicting the health of the whole body,

"Lingshu mouth said:" ask "who assembled channels are poly also ear." Ear is the body meridians the most concentrated place, twelve meridians and collaterals three hundred and sixty-five don't go in the ear of gas, in addition to many meridians on the ear. There are 260 points on the ear, the front of the 200 points, the back of the 60 points, so the body and the relationship is very close.

So, look at the ear diagnosis, is an important part of tcm. In the ear diagnosis, the human body the viscera can find the corresponding position in the small ears, also can according to a region of discoloration, deformation, scaling and other changes to see the viscera.

The sudden deafness to mind

Ear is also closely related to the heart, Professor Yang Li pointed out that emotional stimulation can cause sudden deafness. Therefore, sudden deafness in addition to organic treatment (such as high pressure oxygen, kidney), but also psychological treatment. But no matter what kind of reason, should be timely treatment, otherwise easy to develop into permanent deafness.

Have rheumatic heart disease, often in the ear heart area will find the white sheet, the edge is not clear; arrhythmia, ear heart area wrinkles circle, if neurasthenia, is here with tenderness; for instance, suffering from angina, heart blood, flush the district will be filled and desquamation phenomenon.

- see omens from ear cancer

The corresponding area of ear abnormalities, including color, shape and feeling change, often can prompt visceral malignant tumor, especially in liver cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and lung cancer diagnosis rate is very high. The study found that ear diagnosis, if visceral tumor, ear acupoints corresponding resistance would be reduced, the tumor detector can be found in liver cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, the accuracy rate can reach 50%.


Eight methods of moving ear to protect kidney

Kidney is one of the important organs of human body. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney stores the essence, opens into the ear, cure kidney disease point a lot in the ears, ears move often, can dredge the kidney, kidney strong.

Earlobe pulling method. Both hands forefinger inside the tragus, with the index finger, thumb, tragus pulling earlobe, from inside to outside pulling manipulation, from light to heavy, pulling force with limited sense of pain, every time 3 ~ 5 minutes. This method can also cure headache, dizziness, tinnitus, neurasthenia and other diseases.

Erlun hand method. The hands hold hands to the thumb, food two finger along the helix on the back and push, until the helix congestive fever. This is the brain, kidney, hearing, eyesight, prevention and treatment of impotence, frequent urination, constipation, lumbocrural pain, cervical spondylosis, palpitation, chest distress, headache, dizziness and other symptoms.

Lifting ear point method. With both hands thumb and index finger pinch ears tip up, pulling, rubbing, kneading, rubbing 15 ~ 20 times, the local red hot. It has sedative, analgesic, Mingmu Qingnao, antipyretic, anti allergic, nourishing effect, can prevent hypertension, insomnia, sore throat and skin diseases.

Two way method. Hands are lightly pinching binaural ear, then rub to red heat. Then grabbed the earlobe to drop, and then relax. Two or three times a day, every time 20. This method can promote the blood circulation of the ear, kidney strong waist.

Hands Laer method. The left hand over the top of the right side of the ear pulled dozens of times, and then the right hand pull the left ear dozens of times. This exercise can also promote the secretion of submandibular gland, sublingual gland, relieve throat pain, treatment of chronic pharyngitis.

Two handed masking. Both hands cover two ears, finger head, finger pressure in fingerstyle hit 24, can hear the sound of "rumble". This stimulation can have the effect of active kidney, brain, kidney, eyesight.

Whole ear massage. Hands palm friction heat, back to the front of the ear, and then back to the back of the ear massage, repeated massage 5 ~ 6 times. This method can clear the meridians, kidney and systemic organs have health effects.

Two handed sweep. Ears with both hands back forward sweep, then you will hear voices. 20 times a day, several times a day, as long as the long-term adherence, will be able to strong kidney fitness.

The above eight methods, according to the inpidual needs to choose, or a single or several cooperation, as long as it can persevere, will be able to receive the desired results.



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