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What are the causes of nephrotic syndrome protein?

As we all know, the kidney is part of the human bodys urinary system, responsible for filtering the bodys blood impurities, maintaining the balance of body fluids and electrolytes, and finally produce urine through the urethra excreted. The...

What are the causes of nephrotic syndrome protein?

Sep 30, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

The blood water and its solutes are filtered into the glomerulus through the glomerulus to form urine, which must pass through the endothelial cell, basement membrane and epithelial cell of the capillary wall. These three structures are called glomerular filtration membranes.

What are the causes of nephrotic syndrome protein?

A large number of proteins in the urine of patients with nephrotic syndrome are mainly derived from blood. Under normal circumstances, the vast majority of patients with nephrotic syndrome in the blood protein is not found in the urine assists, especially the large molecule protein in your negatively charged protein does not appear, this is because the human kidney glomerular filtration barrier blocking the protein filter. In nephrotic syndrome, however, the glomerular filtration rate is impaired, leading to massive protein loss.

In the nephrotic syndrome, due to a variety of pathological factors, the barrier effect of the membrane is destroyed, resulting in a large number of protein leakage, and far more than the renal tubular reabsorption capacity, it appears a lot of proteinuria.

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