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The difference between nephrotic syndrome and nephritis

This article describes the difference between nephrotic syndrome and nephrotic syndrome, as well as the introduction of symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, to help us fully understand the kidney disease, away from kidney disease torture....

The difference between nephrotic syndrome and nephritis

Oct 21, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Many of the patients diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome ask, "what is a nephrotic syndrome? How is it not nephritis?" Nephrotic syndrome is actually a large amount of proteinuria (24 hours urinary protein more than 3. 5 g) hyperlipidemia and varying degrees of clinical syndrome, is a more further diagnosis than nephritis. Common cause can be made of primary glomerular disease (such as primary glomerular inflammation, glomerular focal sclerosis, etc.), secondary glomerulonephritis (such as with lupus nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy, etc.) and secondary infection (such as bacteria, viruses, etc.), circulatory system disease, drug poisoning, etc.

The early basal lesions of nephrotic syndrome are relatively light, and as the disease progresses, a large amount of protein is discharged from urine, which is the important reason for the reduction of plasma protein. Reduce plasma protein levels, especially albumin significantly decreased, plasma colloid osmotic pressure decline, prompting fluid in blood vessels to seep outside the blood vessels, causing the deterioration of tissue edema and effective blood volume. The mechanism for the development of hyperlipemia in kidney disease is not yet clear. When the albumin mass is lost, the synthetic lipoprotein is also increased by the increase of albumin in the liver, which is the cause of hyperlipemia. In addition, the decline in lipoprotein lipoprotein lipoprotein lipid removal may also be partly responsible for the reduction of lipid removal.

difference between nephritic and nephrotic

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