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The diet for nephritic syndrome patients

Nephrotic syndrome diet should pay attention to what?Nephritic syndrome patients always have gastrointestinal mucosa edema and ascites, affect digestive absorption. Should take some food that are easy to digest、light food、semi-liquid diet. When ha...

The diet for nephritic syndrome patients

Oct 28, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Nephrotic syndrome diet should pay attention to what?Nephrotic syndrome patients always have gastrointestinal mucosa edema and ascites, affect digestive absorption. Should take some food that are easy to digest、light food、semi-liquid diet. When had kidney disease, a lot of urine protein run off, the body is in a passion which is protein malnutrition. Almost of this disease also have hyperlipemia, limit the intake of animal fat, in the diet should offer rich polyunsaturated fatty acid( like fish oil) and vegetable oil( soya-bean oil、rapeseed oil、sesame oil). Serious edema limits the intake of sodium, everyday the intake of salt fewer than 2g, and supplement microelement appropriately.

1、The intake of staple for nephrotic syndrome diet: steamed bread, rice and other normal dietary intake.

2、The intake of sodium for nephrotic syndrome diet: normal blood sodium but serious edema should take it carefully.

3、Nephrotic syndrome patient which the potassium is on the high side should eat more vegetables with lower potassium, such as tofu、Chinese cabbage、green Chinese onion、cabbage、fiddlehead、elm flower、the melon、chayote、mung bean sprout、the heart of sweet potato、kidney bean、calabash、string bean、towel guard、eggplant、onion、wax gourd、pumpkin、summer squash、cucumber.

4、Nephrotic syndrome patient with normal electrolyte can take all above vegetables for nephrotic syndrome diet.

5、Nephrotic syndrome Avoid certain food: spicy food, frying food, seafood, such as marine fish, sea crab, pepper, garlic, shallot, caraway, dog meat.

Nephrotic syndrome can't eat the fruit ? Fruit is everyone likes to eat food.

Because the fruit contains rich vitamin and other trace elements beneficial to human body. But for patients with nephrotic syndrome, not all the fruits are edible. Only under the correct guidance of professional doctors in patients with diet, will reach the better prevention and treatment of nephrotic syndrome.

Nephrotic syndrome patients should pay attention to diet and reasonable collocation, can help patients recover at an early date! Nephrotic syndrome can't eat the following fruit, hope have some help to you.

1, Because banana: banana sex cold, sodium salt, glomerulonephritis, hypertension, edema syndrome were especially must eat carefully, if nephritis patients often eat bananas, is to consume a large amount of sodium salt, cause kidney burden, symptoms such as edema, high blood pressure will increase accordingly. Diabetics should eat less, because of the large banana sugar content.

2, apple, because apple contains a lot of sugar and potassium, eating too much is bad for the heart, kidney care; Patients with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, kidney disease, diabetes, unfavorable eat more.

3, citrus, citrus cold, cold stomach, intestine, kidney, lung function of the old man cannot eat more, so as not to cause the symptoms such as abdominal pain, lumbar debility. Oranges eat more easily lose, cause the quarrel of sores, red swelling, hemorrhoids. Oranges contain carotene, yellow pigment AD cool-headed on the skin caused by overeating.

4, watermelon, watermelon, moisture content, the fruit is midsummer heat, but the cold meat, frail person eat more prone to abdominal pain or diarrhea; And edema, severe heart failure patients should not eat more..

5, persimmon, persimmon meat contains a lot of tannins, persimmon glue of phenol, tannin strong convergence, unfavorable eat more so that constipation patients. In addition, after eating crab food or on an empty stomach persimmon persimmon, persimmon stone is easy to produce. Therefore, gastritis, gastric acidity, taste xu han, such as patients, and after hard on an empty stomach, had better not eat or eat less persimmon.

What all can't eat food on kidney? First is a lot of, on the choice of food different physique, can choose different food, such as the appearance of the assist food cannot eat persimmon, around will harm to the body is very big, also easy to gallstones and kidney stones, orange, eggplant, pepper, banana is nephritis patients not suitable for food, so they must keep in mind.

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