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Diagnostic criteria of nephrotic syndrome in children

This article mainly introduces the diagnostic criteria and differential diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome, and also tells us the common symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in children....

Diagnostic criteria of nephrotic syndrome in children

Sep 27, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Children with nephrotic syndrome usually have a pale complexion, dry skin, dry hair and yellow hair, and the appearance of white horizontal lines, ear shells and nasal cartilage in the toenails.

Diagnostic criteria of nephrotic syndrome in children

Child nephrotic syndrome

These are caused by chronic protein loss and intestinal mucosal edema and infection. Pediatric nephrotic syndrome except according to the history of the signs to diagnose, can also according to the following standards for diagnosis, and with some similar diseases identification:

First, diagnostic criteria

1,A large amount of proteinuria, 3-4 plus, lasts for two weeks, and the total amount of urine protein is greater than 0.1 grams per kilogram, or 0.05 grams per kilogram.

2,Plasma albumin is less than 30 grams per liter.

3,Cholesterol is greater than 5.7 millimoles per liter.

4,Edema can be light and heavy.

The above 1 and 2 are prerequisites.

Diagnostic criteria for pediatric nephrotic syndrome

Second, differential diagnosis criteria

Nephritic nephrotic syndrome: one or more of the following four can be diagnosed with nephrotic nephrotic syndrome.

The urine test has multiple red blood cells in excess of 10 / HP.

Repeat high blood pressure, school-age children greater than 130/90 mm mercury column, preschool children greater than 120/80 mm mercury column.

Continuous nitrogen reemia, urea nitrogen is greater than 10.7 millimoles per liter.

The blood complement c3 went down repeatedly.

Must in addition, the primary nephrotic syndrome and secondary or primary nephritis with nephrotic syndrome symptoms phase identification, such as with lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis, streptococcus infection after the accelerated nephritis of nephritis, etc.

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