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Dietary restriction for children with nephrotic syndrome

This article introduces nephrotic syndrome diet restrictions,nephrotic syndrome diet, helping kidney patients to eat scientifically and recover health at an early date....

Dietary restriction for children with nephrotic syndrome

Oct 18, 2017 by Kidney Disease Expert

Actually ,the dietary nursing plays a crucial role for pediatric nephrotic syndrome patient’s recovery .So after onset ,parents must urge the patients to have a scientific and reasonable diet .So nephrotic syndrome dietary restrictions are what it?

Nephrotic syndrome diet restrictions:

1.Limit the water

Patients with acute nephritis,acute renal failure,nephrotic syndrome,chronic renal failure with oliguria and edema should limit the intake of water .Because if water retention in the body will aggravate edema as well as the high blood pressure ,the water intake to add 500ml of urine is advisable .When the urine volume increase the water volume can be relaxed ,but patient with normal urine should not limit the water intake .In addition ,urinary tract infection patients such as acute pyelonephritis,urethritis,urocystitis in addition to go to the hospital and take the medicine ,drinking more water and expel from much urine will also good for the illness recovery.

Nephrotic syndrome diet restrictions-Limit the water

2.Limit the salt

The intake of salt of the normal adult is about 5-6g ,eating more sodium salt can easily make the water retention in the body ,induce to edema ,so patients with renal edema should control the intake of salt and should have a low salt diet .Long-term salt-free diet will cause weak and dizzy .Pediatric nephrotic syndrome patients should not eat and drink too much ,don’t eat unclean food.

Nephrotic syndrome diet restrictions-Limit the salt

3.Limit fish,shrimp

Fish and shrimp belongs to high quality protein food ,patients with purpura nephritis should be cautious to eat them.

Nephrotic syndrome diet restrictions-Limit fish,shrimp

Nephrotic syndrome diet restrictions has a big effect on children’s recovery ,so parents must help the patients to have a reasonable diet ,actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment ,improving the recovery chances of nephrotic syndrome.

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