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Children with nephrotic syndrome _The treatment of nephrotic syndrome_Nephrotic

Nephrotic syndrome Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes and treatment of this kidney disorder.

What is the cause of increased nocturia?

What is the cause of increased nocturia?Normal people usually urinate 0-2 times at night, with a urine volume of 300-400 milliliters, or about a quarter of a quarter of a 24-hour total. The ratio of daily urine volume to nocturnal urine gradually decr ...

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Why some antihypertensive drugs can treat proteinuria?

Why some antihypertensive drugs can treat proteinuria?Many patients with chronic kidney disease clinically associated with proteinuria, but their blood pressure is normal, nephrologists allow patients to take antihypertensive drugs, many patients puzzled: my blood ...

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Repeated inflammation induces proteinuria

Repeated inflammation induces proteinuriaMany people may not know what is proteinuria, proteinuria is actually a relatively high risk disease, usually refers to the patients urine protein concentration is too high, is a manifestation of human renal ins ...

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