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How to protect our kidneys in the early stage?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-10


When kidney problems occur, it can cause all sorts of problems in our bodies, which can lead to kidney disease and even kidney failure. Therefore, we should pay attention to early protection of the kidney, in peacetime should pay attention to the following problems.

  • 1. timely detection and treatment of infectious diseases, and pay attention to check kidney function and urine routine.
  • 2. treat all kinds of reversible diseases as early as possible, such as urinary calculi, infections, huge renal cysts, prostatic hyperplasia, etc..
  • 3. pay attention to the kidney damage caused by systemic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, gout, etc., we should actively control the primary diseases, and regularly test blood and urine, early detection of kidney damage, early treatment.
  • 4. careful medication, without the doctor's prescription can not be indiscriminate medication, as far as possible to avoid kidney toxicity drugs. Also can not believe many herbal remedies, recipes, also have certain renal toxicity.
  • 5. pay attention to diet, proper moderation. Diet should be light, avoid overeating, protein, salt too much, no smoking, no alcohol.
  • 6. the amount of drink plenty of water, not water, drinking enough water every day, timely urination, urinary tract infection is not easy, is not susceptible to gallstone.
  • 7. pay attention to keep warm, not cold, to add clothes. Avoid contact with susceptible people and prevent colds and infections.
  • 8. pay attention to exercise, choose their own way of exercise, adhere to exercise, in order to enhance physical fitness, improve immunity.
  • 9. regular physical examination, measuring blood pressure, weight, urine routine examination, kidney function, blood sugar, blood lipid, etc..
  • 10. once occur the abnormal situation of the body, should promptly seek medical treatment, as soon as possible prevention and control.

These are the how to protect our kidneys in the early stage. If you have any further questions, please contact our online doctor or leave a message for us.


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