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Is diet can prevent kidney stones?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-21


Is diet can prevent kidney stones? Patients with kidney stones are usually caused by improper diet, so if you control the diet, you can reduce the incidence of kidney stones, so as to achieve the effect of preventing kidney stones. The following is a detailed introduction.
Urinary stones mostly contain calcium stones, the composition of most of oxalic acid and uric acid crystals, common in the urine, these crystals under normal circumstances in the urine in a dissolved state, and in excess to precipitate the formation of stones. If you eat a large amount of animal protein and sugar, you will form more oxalic acid and uric acid in the body, and promote the absorption of calcium in the intestine, eating too much fat can increase urine oxalate. Therefore, diet prevent kidney stones should pay attention to control the intake of animal protein, sugar and fat, to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.
Is diet can prevent kidney stones? Diet can prevent kidney stones. In life, pay attention to drink plenty of water, control calcium intake, avoid high fat and high cholesterol food, avoid eating spicy spicy food, maintain a healthy diet. In order to better prevent kidney stones.

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