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How does kidney disease prevent uremia through diet?

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How to prevent uremia through diet? We all know that uremia has a great harm to our body, serious and even lead to death, so we usually have to do preventive work to prevent the occurrence of uremia. Here we talk about how patients with kidney disease through the prevention of uremia diet.
Patients with kidney disease can cause uremia if they are in poor condition. How does kidney disease prevent uremia through diet? Kidney disease patients should usually use low-salt diet, to avoid edema, and thus damage the kidneys lead to uremia; high-quality low-protein diet, to avoid excessive intake of protein, resulting in protein accumulation in the body, causing kidney uremia; low potassium diet, kidney disease Kidney damage, resulting in inadequate excretion of potassium in the body, so as to accumulate in the body, causing kidney damage, resulting in uremia; In addition, patients with kidney disease should also maintain a low-phosphorus diet, and maintain adequate heat to ensure normal human activities.
In addition to diet, kidney patients should also be appropriate to do some exercise, but to avoid intense exercise. According to their own physical condition to carry out appropriate exercise. But be careful not to be too tired, or mainly rest .
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