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Where are the kidneys located?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-11-04


Many patients suffering from kidney disease do not know where the kidneys located and it’s  function. Tong Shantang experts give you a detailed answer to where are the kidneys located in human body.

Kidney is an important organ in human body, its basic function is to generate urine, in order to remove the body metabolites and wastes, poison, while re-absorption function to retain water and other useful substances such as glucose, protein, amino acids, potassium ions, sodium bicarbonate, etc., to regulate water, electrolyte balance and maintenance of acid-base balance. Kidney also have the function of endocrine. These functions of the kidney ensure the stability of the environment in the body, so that the metabolism can be carried out normally. So, where are the kidneys located in human body?

Where are the kidneys located
Where are the kidneys located

Right kidney located in the second lumbar transverse process, the left for the first lumbar transverse process, the right kidney because the liver is 1-2 cm slightly lower than the left kidney. Normal kidney movements are within 1-2 cm range. The kidneys are under the diaphragm, physical examination, in addition to the right kidney under the lower edge of the ribs palpable, the left kidney is not easy to touch.

The kidney is located on both sides of the spine, close to the posterior wall of the posterior part of the abdomen. Left lower extremity flat 11 thoracic lower edge, lower flat 2 lumbar lower edge. The right kidney is lower than the left kidney. Left side of the 12th rib oblique left after the middle of the left kidney, the right side of the 12th rib oblique the upper part of the right kidney.

 The above is a detailed answer about where are the kidneys located, if there are other problems, please leave us a message or consult our online doctor.


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