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Why does nephritic syndrome recrudesce?

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Many patients with nephrotic syndrome have such experience, treatment effect is good, but can not be cured, often in a stable period of time after the recurrence here. So, why does nephrotic syndrome recrudesce?
A lot of reasons of recurrence of nephrotic syndrome, the most important is the treatment of nephrotic syndrome itself is not complete, method of treatment, choice of drugs is not enough to complete the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome after recurrent left hidden trouble.
There is a part of factors of patients with nephrotic syndrome itself, such as not strictly follow the prescribed medication, to reduce the dosage or withdrawal; irregular diet or improper; fatigue life, do not pay attention to, cause diarrhea colds constantly; some patients is the treatment of bad attitude, resulting in poor quality of sleep, indirect effects of disease.
If the patients with nephrotic syndrome by long-term administration of prednisone, the adrenal cortical atrophy phenomenon will appear, so after treatment no hormone secretion, resulting in their hormone deficiency, in this case the nephrotic syndrome is easy to relapse, accidentally may lead to terrible adrenocortical crisis. So, as far as possible, patients with nephrotic syndrome are less likely to take prednisone and other drugs that are harmful to the kidneys.
Some patients with nephrotic syndrome families own, shorten the course of treatment, once the swelling and proteinuria disappeared by the steroid, or take medicine. This can easily lead to a recurrence and may cause hormone therapy to become ineffective. Therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome and their families must comply with the doctor's instructions, according to the doctor's request, take the medicine on time.
There are many reasons for the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome. Therefore, patients with kidney disease and their families should be treated with caution, and must strictly follow the doctor's arrangements so as to reduce the recurrence of the disease.

Why does nephritic syndrome recrudesce?
Why does nephritic syndrome recrudesce?

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