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Errors in the treatment of nephritis, kidney consolidation,

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I. Preface

Kidney disease is known as the "invisible killer" and the treatment of "rich disease"

Why is that?

Kidney disease is a stubborn, difficult and insidious disease. Once delayed diagnosis and treatment, the patient can only rely on dialysis treatment to continue life

The International Association of Nephrology, the International Federation of Nephrology, decided on 2006, the second Thursday of March, as "World Kidney Day", mainly to arouse the attention of all mankind to chronic kidney disease

According to epidemiological data, in 2008, the prevalence of CKD in people over 20 years of age in Beijing was 13%, that is, at least 1 people per 10 people suffer from CKD.

At present our country chronic kidney disease prevalence rate of more than 10%, the prevalence rate of about uremia at 3 ~ 5, China has about more than 1 million uremic patients undergoing hemodialysis for treatment, has been receiving hemodialysis patients from 20 to 300 thousand people per year, a cost of dialysis patients every 10-15 million treatment costs the national annual expenses, and the families of patients for 10 years to pay the costs are very large.

Therefore, for kidney disease, early prevention and early treatment is always the best policy

Two, the status of chronic kidney disease prevention is worrying

At present, there is a typical "four high" and "three low" status in the prevention and treatment of kidney disease

"Four high" that the high incidence of cardiovascular disease complications, high mortality, high cost of treatment, and the "three low" means the incidence of low awareness rate, treatment rate is low, the disease awareness rate is low, the kidney diseases brought great difficulty.

Between renal disease and cardiovascular disease is one of the "fellow sufferers", for hemodialysis patients, the occurrence of cardiovascular adverse events and risk of coronary heart disease was 20 times higher than the general population, heart disease is a leading cause of death in hemodialysis patients.

The latest research shows that the heart and kidneys of fellow sufferers, like a nephropathy will accelerate the deterioration of heart disease, and heart problems and is likely to aggravate kidney disease, kidney disease and heart disease is "close Chunwangchihan", a very important link in the treatment of kidney disease is to protect the heart.

In this regard, normal people best regularly every year a routine urine test, it is necessary to do B ultrasound and renal function examination; and in patients with diabetes, the best once every six months to check albumin, timely understanding of their condition, and actively accept the standard treatment.

Three, chronic kidney disease prevention and treatment of eight mistakes

1: nocturia nothing

The eyelid edema, hematuria, urine color deepened, urinary foam increase, hypertension, increased frequency of urination at night, the night legs cramp these early symptoms of chronic kidney disease, urine at night or increasing the number of renal tubular reabsorption function decline.

3 mm kidney stone is nothing

More than 2 mm of kidney stones can be detected by B ultrasound, although GFR normal, but there have been kidney damage, belong to CKD typing, the first phase, not to be taken lightly

D: a plus sign of urine protein is no big deal

Urine protein a plus said urine protein in 0.2g ~ 1.0g/L, the positive results of continuing especially plus more may suffer from acute nephritis, chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, renal tuberculosis, renal tumors, and attention should be further examination or review.

Blood creatinine 150 does not matter

The most common renal function detection index is domestic serum creatinine, common general index is in the range of 44-133umol/L, 150 of patients think that just a little higher, they did not know how dangerous it is. When we found blood treatment renal function abnormal, even when a little abnormal, but the loss of renal function has been less than 50%, that is to say two is equivalent to a kidney necrosis.

It's nothing to eat a diuretic and a medicine for lowering uric acid

A variety of predisposing factors of chronic kidney disease is perse, but the clinical evidence of people under the kidney disease incidence rate is higher than other people: if kidney function examination showed that the serum creatinine is more than 1503umol/L, you must be careful with diuretics, uric acid and other drugs, in addition, the long-term use of nephrotoxic drugs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, etc.) also prone to kidney disease.

The cold look all right: in patients with nephropathy

In our daily admissions of patients, there is a kind of chronic kidney disease called IgA nephropathy, most patients after interrogation said there was "a cold in a very short period of time before the onset of the" (professional called upper respiratory infection), medical research has proved that this is a common cold "small disease" there is a huge risk induced nephropathy in patients with nephropathy, afraid of the cold.

The kidney is not good, not what to eat fruit

The kidney is not good to low salt, low protein diet, that we know everything, but some patients with nephropathy eat fruit causing deterioration or recurrence, therefore, nephritis patients is best to eat or do not eat fruit, in addition, southern people "tiger soup, seafood and beer" diet, resulting in the emergence of hyperuricemia in South China that is, "gout" ratio is much higher than other regions, followed by the gouty nephropathy, renal failure is also very high, pay attention to a balanced diet.

8: edema disappeared, normal urine protein, kidney is gone

A lot of patients after a period of time after treatment, the doctor found, edema disappeared, urine protein is also normal, so they no longer accept treatment, this is completely mistaken. In clinical medicine, proteinuria returned to normal, clinical symptoms of disease known as complete remission, only in this state for 2 years no recurrence, can be called the cure, and in early stage of CKD, continuous treatment is a effective method to prevent renal failure, a good way of life, to continue to maintain regular physical examination.

Four, high-risk kidney disease among regular urine test

The above mentioned early performance is also just a general summary, there are a lot of people do not necessarily appear, so the patients have symptoms, is lucky, is the body to send us a warning. But it is a pity that many people are early asymptomatic, and advanced performance after already missed treatment the stage can be reversed.

The common diagnosis of chronic kidney disease is not to rely on the monitoring of renal function, blood indicators, but through urine monitoring, urine examination of kidney disease has: early detection, cost-effective

The vast majority of kidney diseases begin in the earliest stages of urine abnormalities, which can begin without any clinically conscious discomfort;

Urine inspection, cheap, easy to operate: the price is only about 10 yuan, the highest special item is only about 30 yuan; keep the urine, do not draw blood and so on

Once the urine samples such as urine protein, occult blood (occult blood), red blood cell, tube type and other abnormal indicators, should immediately find a kidney specialist doctor for further diagnosis.

Five, how often do you have a medical examination?

Normal people best regularly every year a routine urine test, it is necessary to do B ultrasound and renal function examination; and in patients with diabetes, the best once every six months to check albumin, timely understanding of their condition, and actively accept the standard treatment.

Six, the diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease is pided into three levels of prevention"

The diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease is pided into "Three Prevention": one is the daily physical examination, inspection to find disease; kidney disease after two is clearly positive, correct, scientific treatment, preventing, delaying kidney disease exacerbation occurred when there have been three uremia; end-stage renal disease should be positive, correct treatment to prolong life, to improve the quality of life.

At present, western medicine still plays an indispensable role in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease, and its efficacy has been confirmed in a large number of clinical diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease

Although in the course of treatment, adverse drug reaction is a difficult problem to the doctor. But compared with the serious consequences of chronic kidney disease, find optimal treatment plan, and actively, standardized treatment, is still the first choice. In patients with nephropathy

Therefore, it is extremely dangerous for patients who have conflicting treatment after they have read the instructions


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