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Medication guidance for children with nephrotic syndrome

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-20


In our daily life, the child will get sick, but experts also stressed that if a child suffering from nephrotic syndrome, must cause parents should pay attention to it from many aspects, especially in the aspect of the disease related to drug use, but also the need for strict, need more scientific, in order to guarantee children's nephrotic syndrome with medication correctly, parents must learn some medication in the daily life of the navigation, please see the following articles.

(1) long-term application of hormone can lead to hypocalcemia and osteoporosis, so we should supplement sufficient calcium salt and vitamin D, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent the occurrence of fracture

(2) after medicine supervise children with warm boiling water gargle, to prevent the occurrence of oral ulcers.

(3) the hormone can increase the red blood cell and hemoglobin content in blood, increase the concentration of platelet and fibrinogen, shorten the clotting time, and encourage the children to strengthen their limbs and promote the circulation of blood

(4) the hormone can affect mood, behavior, and can increase the excitability of the central nervous excitement, appear, even insane. This group of 2 cases of children under the age of 7 symptoms, we should explain to the parents, to make children with our guidance, patients to prevent accidents.

With more water to encourage the application of immunosuppressive agents, adequate hydration, and observe the urine volume and urine color, when gastrointestinal reactions, hair loss and other symptoms, to eliminate the patient explanation, children and parents fear that children in an optimal state for treatment.

Discharge guidance to patients after discharge from hospital adhere to long-term medical treatment right, do not suddenly stop, so as to avoid the crisis. To keep the skin clean, oral, timely treatment of folliculitis, with upper respiratory tract infection should be timely diagnosis and treatment. The remission of about 3 to 6 months after the gradually in school learning, but should avoid too tired to stop. 6 to 12 months after the regular check to the hospital, do regular urine protein and plasma protein determination.

Well, through detailed study on medication in children with nephrotic syndrome navigation, patients with nephrotic syndrome in daily life, should pay more attention to water, but also in medicine when taking the drug must be in accordance with the correct guidance of scientific experts, in patients with nephrotic syndrome in daily life, should pay attention to all aspects of nursing work, so that to ensure that patients with early rehabilitation.


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