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Question: how long can the child's kidney syndrome be cured? How to prevent repeated? Children 2 and a half years old, and now about 1 months of illness, eating western medicine half a month, negative pull, and the former 2 plus, this disease is good, is it a recurrence?

A: how long will the child kidney syndrome can be cured? How to treat? Western medicine treatment of nephrotic syndrome is the treatment for symptoms of nephrotic syndrome. The hormone is treated with conventional method. We can not deny a certain role for hormonal control of nephrotic syndrome and reduce urinary protein and other indicators, but we in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome can not rule out side effects of hormone caused by or at the same time to improve the other hormone therapy treatment. The child is still small, have seen a lot of used hormone children grow very fat, the harm is the hormone, but also may cause endocrine disorders. And as it is for the treatment of symptoms. The kidney is not cured, days after the recurrence is almost inevitable.

Chinese medicine that "disease disease from extinction", is treated from the kidney itself. Especially after the high-tech processing micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy, is through infiltration into the lesion, the side effects on other organs and oral medicine efficacy loss after the perfect problem of slow effect, traditional Chinese medicine has been widely used in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome.

How long does it take to cure a child's kidney syndrome? How can you prevent it from happening again?

Children with primary nephrotic at spleen and kidney, control the side effects of Western medicine to the principle of comprehensive treatment with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the treatment of adrenal cortical hormone mainly. Specific nephrotic syndrome in children include the maintenance of water and electrolyte balance supply, control the amount of edema, nutritional prevention, control the infection, with the application of immunosuppressive drugs of traditional Chinese medicine on hormone resistance the correct use of adrenal cortical hormone, repeated attacks.

The weather is cold in winter, prevent colds, easily lead to decreased immunity of patients that cause colds, inflammation in the body, the immune system is activated, immune damage, causes the child kidney syndrome or recurrent seizures, so for kidney patients, to avoid the cold to prevent children with renal syndrome recurrence. Usually should avoid public access to people more air circulation, avoid the winter flu.

To prevent excessive fatigue: an important reason is also induced by overwork child renal syndrome recurrence. Mention tired people first thought is caused by physical labor, and often ignore the mental labor, excessive mental labor can lead to decreased immunity, from clinical cases showed excessive use of the brain caused by the child renal syndrome not less than physical labor the cause, even more than physical labor induced nephropathy.


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