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How much time does it take for children with nephrotic syndr

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-16


Q: some patients with nephrotic syndrome in the home, I saw this disease on the Internet should be edema into low salt diet, to avoid aggravating edema. He is mainly with ankle edema. Some eyelids will, need to eat less salt? How to control the amount of salt, eat what is reasonable?

Answer: Hello, the nephrotic syndrome patients should pay special attention to dietary salt intake. Eat much salt is reasonable, the quantity according to the patient to decide. Nephrotic syndrome should eat how much salt is reasonable should be considered in patients with or without hypertension and edema, respectively give less salt salt free diet. Severe edema and hypertension, the amount of salt should be controlled at 2 g / day, even given the salt free diet, with low salt is appropriate. In patients with nephrotic syndrome with daily amount of salt is not more than 2 grams is appropriate, disable pickled food, use less MSG and edible alkali, because these are contains sodium, can aggravate edema patients. But patients with edema subsided, plasma protein was close to normal, can restore the normal diet.

As the drug of choice for treatment of nephrotic syndrome -- usually to hormone treatment of nephrotic syndrome. Most of the use of hormones and immunosuppressive therapy with prednisone, prednisolone, corticosteroids and other drugs, these hormones have good anti-inflammatory, regulating immune function and reduce proteinuria can be controlled in a short period of time. The effect of protein and occult blood out of a very good therapeutic effect on the elimination of symptoms, but not for real. Inducement and "spring wind, fire and health" the effect is the same.

Moreover, the treatment process of hormone therapy to the first pharmacy, lasted for a long time, as far as possible. A large number of long-term slow drug intake, will cause a great threat to their health. But long-term use of hormones can cause metabolism and water salt metabolism, appear edema, hypokalemia, hypertension, diabetes, skin thinning. The full moon face, buffalo back, central obesity, hirsutism, acne, weakness and muscle atrophy and other symptoms, may also lead to osteoporosis, vertebral compression fractures, cataract, glaucoma, these side effects will bring great pain to patients.

In the study of hormone therapy and advantages of quick succession of Chinese medicine treatment for treatment, the more characteristic treatment - ion of Chinese medicine effective treatment will be combined with the modern Chinese medicine Western medicine quick therapeutic approach to the treatment, the efficacy can be large, small side effects, drug fast through the external penetrating agent and penetration equipment penetrate quickly effective agents into the patient's body, to achieve rapid and effective treatment


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