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Can the nephrotic syndrome be treated without the use of hor

Written by admin | Published on 2017-09-19


Remember 6 years ago, I was admitted to a 13 year old Hunan girl, she called, is a sign of children with nephrotic syndrome, renal biopsy for the diagnosis of minimal change nephrotic syndrome "."

"Can your medicine really be without hormones?""

Her mother called me before she came to see me

I smile: "more than I can, and some places can not use hormones. In fact, just from the long-term development of the disease point of view, the region will be different.""

"And how much money do I have to bring?""

"Take forty thousand on the safe side. It's almost thirty thousand, and you can save a little more.""

"Is it so expensive?""

"The immune treatment of kidney disease is not much cost, but simply do not want to eat hormones, I can also support the use of drugs for some time.""

"Don't be a period of time, the child is big Zezheng?"

Then it took a lot of effort to finally figure out the cure. (maybe I thought she understood.)

"What do you say, doctor? We'll listen to you." finally, her mother said, "parents or doctors, want to give the child a future, a future that will still be happy in a few decades' time."

Later, her mother said, she turned out to be a very lively child, playing at home, accidentally ran out. After suffering from kidney disease, is precisely the side effects of hormone expressed, rarely go out. She was on the sixth grade, the child has a beauty concept. Moreover, children are not like us more like adults, even if we see around a friend into the face pox pie face, will pretend not to see. But children will not directly take this thing, but making fun of her, she put up with all kinds of metaphor and nickname every day, I would not go out.

Minimal change nephropathy

There are cases where hormones can be avoided

After short-term intravenous steroid injection, tacrolimus treatment alone avoids hormonal side effects. This is possible if the patient is well informed

Am I treated like this?

Not at all.

Why? Because this way, the side effects of hormones is not, but a lot of side effects of immunosuppressive agents to access, and tracking of previous surveys can be found, this is not a permanent solution. Therefore, some hospitals will use this method to reduce the side effects of hormones, but is not common.

Is there a better way. Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressive agent in the effect of a strong, if you don't use hormone, cyclosporine is appropriate. I have studied small pathology, as long as the control dose does not appear kidney injury. Moreover, some Chinese medicine for protection. After wards and specialists. Finally, the main scheme of my is:

Cyclosporine 4mg/kg, D, Huayu, qi activating and activating blood circulation Chinese Medicine

It was after 13 days (or 16 days, memory is not good -_-|||) after treatment, small nephrotic syndrome with complete remission, the money is not spent, she is awesome.

A few months later, the child was restored and returned to school. After a period of time, I left the line, she is no longer long walk, but the situation is also very good.

Just think of me tomorrow to the college entrance examination, then Rory Suo recalled this pile. Good luck in the examination!


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