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4 year old children with nephrotic syndrome and great matern

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Love is a spring in the desert, to see the hope of life when you are on the verge of despair; love is a bright moon in the night sky, you helpless when immediate access to comfort the soul; love is a spring rain, moisten your heart When wilt was particularly emotional; maternal love is the summer breeze, feel very cool when you are particularly hot; love is a beacon in the night, when you find the Lost Harbor. Love can create miracles!

My child is 4 years old this year, probably because of illness, looks much smaller than the age of the child. The child is nephrotic syndrome, the disease is found in the just after the 2 birthday, when I see other children's life when I light of heart from care, the heart is very sad eyes look at their children so small, they would be such a big sin, as a mother, should is the world's most sad man. However, at the same time, I also want to become the world's strong man, because I was a child, the most solid support.

The child is the first birthday, when we are still immersed in the joy of the new year, bad luck already began to close just after the two birthday of the child. The child had finished birthday not long, began a runny nose, but no cough, also did not have a fever, we do not care too much. But a few days later. I found the child's eyelids swollen, it is thought to have been bitten by insect, but after several days, edema without any signs of abating, their father and I will take the kids to the local county hospital to check, the doctor asked after observing that the child does not have a fever, cough and other symptoms, and eyes the swelling is not very powerful, tell us nothing, let the home observation a few days. Because of her husband's work is busy, no time, we asked the doctor to check with the doctor, and the urine routine examination for children. Check out the results, found that the child suffering from nephrotic syndrome

I looked at the young children, and his father is really some. So small children at a loss, did not think the child will have kidney disease. The doctor advised us to Hangzhou, Shanghai and other big city hospital. The child's uncle heard the child kidney disease there is a hospital in Chongqing, said good suggestions, we went to Chongqing treatment. So we took the children to live in a Chongqing hospital.

Chongqing in the hospital, the doctor gives children a hormone therapy, edema disappeared soon. We think good, very happy, and is ready for discharge when children edema appeared again, but also worse than last time, also appeared signs of infection. It makes us very sad, thought the doctor using the wrong medicine, find a doctor. The doctor said the theory, the characteristics of nephrotic syndrome is easy to attack again, whether to have such a result where the received hormonal therapy. The doctor's words made us more sad, the child was just 2 years old, life is just beginning, do later to medicine with a lifetime and I? The child's father is not willing, then four chemists. We get a hospital for treatment of nephropathy is very professional, intends to bring the child to go there and try.

Ready to transfer, I received a phone call, the phone is also changed the fate of the child. It was once a child and ward patients with nephrotic syndrome, because the treatment effect is not good, was introduced to try to treat kidney disease hospital there, for half a month more, the effect is very good, is the external treatment for internal diseases, no side effects on the body, so they call us. Think about the various side effects of children with hormone therapy, patients then suddenly hold our heart. So I want to have kidney disease hospital doctor's telephone communication with the doctor, the child's condition, the doctor gave us a careful analysis of the condition, we feel that it is consistent with my son, and explains to us about the treatment of kidney system, we feel very reasonable. At the time of their father and I will talk about, as long as there is hope to try, Don't try to never know there is no effect. Here in Chongqing, every drip, lose what the child's disease, diuretic, also did not improve. Finally, we took the children to the complex kidney hospital, now think about it, that is the right decision.

To the complex kidney hospital, rehabilitation group of experts conducted a consultation on the child's illness, and asked in detail about the children's living habits, patterns of life before and after treatment. And the doctor repeatedly ward director with our in-depth communication, so that we recognize the severity of nephrotic syndrome. To tell the truth before us don't know the nephrotic syndrome is a disease so serious, that the symptoms just edema only, the swelling is not what happened, but now I know that kidney disease is "gentle killer", if not properly treated, the future development of urinary sepsis, is more serious. The hospital in Chongqing before. The doctor told me not to let the children be cold, the doctor told me to give him the medicine. We'll give him the medicine, the doctor told us how do we do, but is completely passive. At the hospital, the doctor told us to speak with the disease, In principle, principle of treatment, tell the index, we really start to learn about kidney disease.

To understand the disease, began formal treatment. The first is the whole and kidney area through local drug therapy, 2 times a day, the therapeutic effect of key renal pathological damage, hormone is different from the conventional immunotherapy, is also different from the oral medicine, pharmaceutical ingredients but the treatment of kidney disease in renal damage iontophoresis apparatus under the action of the kidney area directly penetrate into the kidney, in this way, the direct effect to play a role in the kidney area, do not pass through the digestive tract and other organs to ensure the kidney metabolism, give full play to effect, but also does not produce side effects on child growth has no effect. Secondly, because before the child can have in the use of hormone action, can the expert group to develop the comprehensive reduction plan according to his situation.

Can after a month of treatment, the child's condition began to improve, the edema disappeared, check proteinuria decreased from 4+ to 2+, the child's mental state has been improved, which makes us more enhanced recovery confidence. When the doctor told us that the child's condition has now reached a turning point before the turn, if there is no security risk, what the child's condition will have continuous improvement, but this period must be careful not to catch a cold, it will be more difficult to relapse after treatment, the child is too small, the treatment is more difficult, but if according to the current state of the development of children's normal life is. No problem.

The doctor's words like a warm summer sunlight into our heart. Children in stable condition, we took the medicine home. Half the time to consolidate the treatment in the hospital, the child made a good recovery, we at home this time than at the hospital more wary, did not dare to relax, let him over fatigue, maintain adequate sleep, always pay attention to the child's diet, avoid eating regularly, the child's body condition is significantly improved, the disease did not develop any fluctuations.

In fact, my son is very sensible, sometimes I'm in a bad mood, he will ask me how, mother, mother do not cry, watching the children so sensible I very pleased. Honestly, sometimes really tired, very hard, but looked at his son every day, eat, play, looked at him and laughed no matter how bitter, how tired I must persevere, I believe that God must see, when a child is the most difficult to come, I believe it will be better and better. Because love can create miracles!


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