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The treatment and nursing of nephrotic syndrome

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Disease nephrotic syndrome for our great health hazards, we hope to be able to find suitable treatment methods, I believe we all know, the only treatment is not enough, good care of the disease but also we, here we take a look at the nursing measures about this disease.

Nephrotic symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

1, the height of edema. Different types of nephrotic syndrome patients with nephrotic syndrome, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and so on, almost all patients had nephrotic syndrome can occur in clinically different degrees of edema, edema of lower limbs, to face the most obvious scrotum department. Nephrotic syndrome patients body edema sustained for several weeks or months, or have been along with the disease. When the patient suffered goiter eliminating infection (especially streptococcal infection), edema often cause recurrence or exacerbation, and azotemia.

2, a large number of proteinuria. A large number of proteinuria symptoms are diagnostic of nephrotic syndrome, one of the reliable indicators

3, hyperlipidemia in nephrotic syndrome patients. The abnormal lipid metabolism, resulting in almost all patients plasma lipoprotein components increased, plasma total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol significantly increased triglycerides and VLDL cholesterol.

Three major nursing measures for nephrotic syndrome:

1, psychological care

Refractory nephrotic syndrome, and long cure time. This will cause great psychological pressure to the patients of nephrotic syndrome. This treatment is very unfavorable, many patients will have a fear, irritability, sadness, anxiety and other psychological disorders, which is very important for disease treatment and rehabilitation of the role, and for family and doctors, should try to help patients. This state of mind, to fight against nephrotic syndrome beliefs, help patients recover.

2 、 clinical nursing

Good care of nephrotic syndrome, plays a very important role in the treatment of the disease. In daily life, because people's awareness of the disease is not comprehensive enough, often in the course of treatment, can not give the corresponding nursing measures, in order to adjust the condition, promote the recovery of the disease so. Pay attention to nursing work, nephropathy patients with nephrotic syndrome. The edema should be a feature of patients with nephrotic syndrome appear long, eyelid and facial edema pillow should be slightly higher; severe edema should often change posture; pleural effusion should be semi supine; scrotal edema to use the support belt will hold the scrotum, low salt diet at the same time give high calorie rich in vitamins.

3, medication care

There are many methods of treatment of nephrotic syndrome, in which drug treatment can play a certain role in promoting. But we should also pay more attention to many of the drugs on the kidney have been hurt in the withdrawal or change of medication, must be performed, in nephropathy department under the guidance of the doctor can not act with undue haste, all of a sudden stop, otherwise it will cause adverse consequences.

The daily conditioning of nephrotic syndrome

1., rest: serious edema and high blood pressure when you need to stay in bed, generally do not need to strictly limit activities, according to the appropriate arrangement of recreational activities, so that children happy

2. diet: to ensure that calories, protein intake control at about 2g/kg per day is appropriate. Obvious edema or high blood pressure when short-term limit salt

3. skin care: keep the skin clean and dry, avoid abrasion and compression, timing turn. Should be soft. Bedding hip and limbs can be pad rubber cushion or cotton ring, a condition can be used for air cushion bed. Edema of scrotum available cotton pad or sling up, skin rupture should be covered with sterile dressing to prevent infection..

4. severe edema should avoid intramuscular injection of drugs due to severe edema often caused by drug retention, or malabsorption after injection pinhole extravasation caused local, damp, erosion or infection. To intramuscular injection, strict disinfection, injection after pressing slightly longer, to prevent drug extravasation.

scrotal edema sling

Dietotherapy method

[dietotherapy method one] carp winter melon soup

First, we should choose a carp or fish, and after cleaning the fish removal and visceral scales objects. Then select the melon cut in the wash, this time will be ready in advance. The carp or blackfish and sliced melon together into the pot. It should be emphasized that in small is that if you cook the soup oh, the best not because of salt, so as not to damage the soup. The patients with nephrotic syndrome can drink this soup can also be taken, so a word has a tonic effect on the patient's body. So the melon soup has a role in carp spleen diuresis.

[dietotherapy method two] carp soup

Do the dishes we should be processed with carp or bighead Atractylodes rhizome, Poria, Alisma and other herbs to stew. So we must pay attention to can also be carp and astragalus, or some red bean, ginger, onion and other interior eardamom, food with soup. Only these two kinds of methods can be soup. However, we should know if patients with edema symptoms obviously, so experts recommend the use of Huangqi not.

The above is our nursing measures of nephrotic syndrome after the introduction, I believe we read the introduction, how to care for the treatment of the disease will have a more thorough understanding, to remind you to do the treatment and nursing measures of the disease.


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