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How does nephritic syndrome treat not to have a relapse?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-08-02


The treatment of nephrotic syndrome without recurrence involves two aspects. One is symptomatic treatment, the other is etiological treatment. Patients only in accordance with the timely and correct treatment, in order to make life better and happier.
Symptomatic treatment for nephrotic syndrome includes the use of potent diuretics to control edema, antibiotics to control infection, antihypertensive drugs to control hypertension, and dialysis to control uremia during severe renal failure.
The importance of the symptomatic treatment can not be ignored, uremia, edema and infection control benefit is known to all, the development of hypertension control can retard the development of glomerular disease, reduce vascular hypertension of kidney damage and preserves renal function, prolong life. Many glomerulonephritis, even if very serious, can not or need no special treatment, all kinds of glomerulopathy have its natural course, many can have spontaneous remission or even recover, therefore, symptomatic treatment has its own rationality.
In what is the treatment of nephrotic syndrome without recurrence of this problem, is also useful to increase the immune response to immune complex formation is too large and not in the glomerular calm, treatment and stimulation of cell immunity after a is still in the cradle, it is premature for any conclusion. Immunosuppressive agents also have some anti-inflammatory effects, and prostate synthesis inhibitors and other antiplatelet agents are designed to inhibit or remove the mediators of inflammation. However, in conclusion, the use of TCM Intervention Therapy for the elimination of immune complexes is ideal, both in terms of efficacy, side effects, and extent of complications.
Hope that through our introduction above, let you better understand, away from kidney trouble, make life happier and better.


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