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What are the symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome?

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Pediatric nephropathy is a common pediatric disease, seriously affecting the health and development of children, if not timely treatment or improper treatment is prone to lead to a variety of complications. Children are the high incidence of nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome has a great impact on the growth and development of children, and not easy treatment, repeated recurrence also aggravate the condition. Therefore,let us first know what are the manifestations of nephrotic syndrome before to know how to treat it.
The incidence of nephrotic syndrome is second only to acute nephritis and urinary tract infections in pediatric kidney disease, the cause has not yet fully clear, it is also the progression of chronic nephritis in a stage in children 3-7 years of age, patients in the early general situation fortunately, not easy to be found, so as to delay the treatment of children with nephrotic syndrome, as the disease progresses, in late may appear gradually pale complexion, listlessness, loss of appetite etc..
Specific symptoms include the following:
Proteinuria: the beginning of the stage for the intermittent proteinuria, the future will slowly turn for persistent urine protein. Early selective proteinuria, late will be converted to non-selective proteinuria. Early symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome are 10 years.
Anemia: anemia is early symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in children, azotemia patients with diabetic nephropathy, may have mild to moderate anemia in children with nephrotic syndrome symptoms anemia need to pay special attention, not only because of Anemia can reduce the body's immune capacity and anemia or induce the complications of pediatric nephrotic syndrome, the main reason.
Legs cramps: the human kidney will secrete a regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism of hormones, when the renal dysfunction, this hormone can reduce the calcium re-absorption of obstacles, leading to lower blood calcium, bone loss, prone to osteoporosis and fractures. This calcium deficiency caused by calcium deficiency is generally ineffective. Early symptoms of middle-aged hypertensive nephropathy is the occurrence of cramps and other symptoms of calcium deficiency, do not forget to check kidney function.
Highly edema and the whole body pitting edema, scrotal swelling is often more serious, due to abdominal cavity, pleural effusion caused by abdominal swelling and difficulty breathing. Most of the patients with edema can be self-limiting, and can be repeated later.
After understanding these symptoms of children with nephrotic syndrome, we must find a hospitals and experts that have very high professional for effective treatment, strictly follow the doctor's arrangements, timely referral, timely review, effective control of the disease, avoid disease progression, cause unnecessary trouble.


What are the symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome?
What are the symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome?


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