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Nephrotic syndrome in children, high swelling, great trouble

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what are the significant signs of nephrotic syndrome

Children with nephrotic syndrome is a kind of nephrotic syndrome, because the incidence in children, according to the different symptoms and classification. The proportion of male and female differences in the incidence of nephrotic syndrome in children in large, showing the ratio of 2:1.what are the significant signs of nephrotic syndrome? The nephrotic syndrome is often accompanied by edema, brought great pain and psychological burden to patients, should be how to treat and care?

Nephrotic syndrome is nephrotic syndrome, it is not an independent disease, but glomerular disease is a clinical syndrome. Typical symptoms of proteinuria (daily >3.5g/1.73m2 body surface area), hypoproteinemia (plasma <30g/L), edema with or without hyperlipidemia diagnostic criteria should be proteinuria and low proteinemia. Proteinuria is characteristic of glomerular disease in renal vascular disease or renal tubulointerstitial disease occurred in such a large amount of proteinuria is rare. Because of hypoproteinemia, hyperlipemia and edema are proteinuria consequences, so that the standard should be based on the diagnosis of proteinuria.

The age of onset of nephrotic syndrome in 3 ~ 6 years old children, and boys more than girls, its etiology is unknown, recurrence and persistent, long course of disease. Patients with nephrotic syndrome in children's rehabilitation before kindergarten is prohibited, because of the immune function in children with the treatment process is relatively low, it is easy because of fatigue or other kids sick Class infectious virus or bacteria that cause disease recurrence!

Nephrotic syndrome in children is one of the most common urinary diseases in children. According to the Chinese Academy of Pediatrics, nephrotic syndrome accounts for second of the total number of hospitalizations

Children with nephrotic syndrome, also called pediatric kidney disease, the clinical features are: highly edema, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hypercholesterolemia in children with nephrotic syndrome. Greatly influence the growth and development of children, not easy to treat, and repeatedly, pediatric kidney disease resistance is low, prone to infection, and aggravate, should actively to prevent infection, so the skin damage in children should be how to care, in order to obtain a satisfactory clinical effect?

Children with kidney disease with high edema, severe edema, can lead to secondary infection of nephrotic syndrome children, the risk of skin damage, care measures are as follows:

1, when the scrotum edema in male patients is obvious, they can be picked up by cloth bags and keep clean

2, turn over regularly, and use safflower alcohol massage pressure parts, in order to promote local Qi and blood running. Turn over to avoid drag, pull, drag and other actions, to prevent skin abrasions

3, regularly trim nails for children to prevent scratching and causing infection

4, regular bath for children, keep the skin clean. The action should be gentle, so as not to damage the skin

5, children's clothes should be soft, loose, timely change after pollution. Keep the bed clean, dry, smooth, no wrinkles

The above is today on children with nephrotic syndrome were introduced, the eight hundred party to remind you that the children with nephrotic syndrome patients pay attention to eat high protein foods in the diet, and to control the intake of salt, which can effectively alleviate the edema.


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