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The clinical manifestations of childhood nephrotic syndrome

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What is clinical clinical manifestations of childhood nephrotic syndrome? What should we pay attention to?Every parents will pay great attention to the problem of children, children with nephrotic syndrome have great harm to the body, it is easy to bring other complications, even threaten the lives of patients. The age of onset of nephrotic syndrome in 3 ~ 6 years old children, and boys more than girls, the the etiology is unknown, recurrence and persistent, long course of disease. To the children and his parents have to take the pain.What are the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome? If the following symptoms, it is necessary to take care of children are suffering from kidney disease.  

clinical manifestation of nephrotic syndrome

Clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome in children

1, the incidence of simple nephrosis is 2~7 years old,The clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome have the following points

(1) the whole body can be sunken, edema, lower limbs, scrotum is obvious, often ascites, general body condition is good, no hypertension

(2) little urine, urine microscopy, occasionally a small amount of red blood cells

(3) plasma total protein was lower than normal, albumin decreased more obviously, serum complement was normal

(4) renal function is normal, edema stage is obvious, oliguria can be temporary mild hypoxemia

2,  the age of onset is mostly on school-age, and the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome are as follows

(1) the age of onset is more common in children over the age of 7, and the edema is usually not serious

(2) blood pressure can rise to varying degrees, often with paroxysmal or persistent hypertension and hematuria

(3) serum complement can be reduced, but there may be different degrees of blood stasis

3, congenital nephrosis is rare, mostly recessive hereditary disease. It is more common in neonatal period and three months after birth. The manifestation is similar to that of simple nephrosis

Now we understand Clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome clinical manifestations, how do we do it?What should parents pay attention to?What should parents pay attention to?

1, medication

The children in stable condition, generally need to use medicine. Teachers and health care physicians should take medicine daily check of the child. The child urine amount, teachers need special attention in class or activities timely to remind the child to go to the toilet, so as not to give children bring unnecessary pain.

2, diet

Because many children discharged from the urine protein, protein deficiency often occurs in vivo, it should be in the diet supplement. The sick child's menu should contain sufficient quantities of protein, such as fish, poultry, lean meat, soy products and so on. In addition, it should limit salt intake, generally not more than 2 grams daily. If the lack of kindergarten the conditions to prepare for this special diet for children, where parents can bring their own, heat the meal, let the child eat eat. Their diet without restrictions.

3, activities

Because children are prone to complicated respiratory tract infections, children's activities should be strictly restricted. Some quiet games can be done to avoid strenuous exercise, so as to avoid fatigue and aggravate the condition of the child

4, clothing and sleep

Should change the clothes as soon as possible according to the weather change, pay attention to keeping warm. When the nap, should give more care, guarantee the child enough sleep

5, grasp the epidemic situation and avoid cross infection

Once there is a source of other diseases in the kindergarten, the children should be isolated in time or let it be trained to prevent other infectious diseases


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