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What are the symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome

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Irregular as people's living habits, more and more children suffer from children with nephrotic syndrome, this let the parents feel miserable, parents don't want my children to be disease, so a lot of people have to consult the symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome, talking about this issue, let's see what's in children with nephrotic syndrome symptoms.

What are the symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome

Pediatric nephrotic syndrome is caused by a variety of causes of glomerular capillaries, resulting in a large number of proteinuria in clinical appearance. So there is a need to be careful when there is a lot of proteinuria in children, because the presence of a large number of proteinuria may be a precursor to the disease. The main manifestation of pediatric nephrotic syndrome is a large amount of proteinuria, which in turn is associated with hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipemia, and various levels of edema.

Before the onset of the symptoms of pediatric nephrotic syndrome, often have a history of upper respiratory tract infection, mild edema, just get up in the morning, eyelid edema, severe edema of the children with nephrotic syndrome with anasarca, pitting edema, scrotal edema performance bright children with nephrotic syndrome, severe edema, ascites and pleural effusion. Children with nephrotic syndrome have fatigue, anorexia, the symptom such as laid plaits, pale face, children with low immune function, thus often have infection, if not timely treatment can be combined with low blood volume shock, electrolyte disorder vascular embolization, acute renal failure and so on.

The performance, as described above, is the specific performance of children with pediatric nephrotic syndrome. So, if your child appears the above performance, parents must be caused take seriously, and promptly take children go to a doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment, lest delay treatment, delay the child the best time to treatment.

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