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What are the benefits of exercise for children with kidney d

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-13


Often said that exercise is good for health, so, nephritis patients can exercise? The answer is yes, the patients can walk, jogging, Tai Chi. Nephropathy patients can not exercise, but exercise should be controlled under the guidance of a doctor, only in this way can be conducive to the early rehabilitation of nephropathy and the reality of life. Physical exercise is often in patients with nephropathy, "abandoned" thought to suffer from kidney disease, should rest, not too tired. What are the benefits of the exercise on children with nephrotic patients have?

The positive effect of physical exercise on the kidney is generally manifested in two aspects:

The first is to strengthen the ability of kidney excretion. The renal excretion of metabolic waste in the process of movement increases, such as urea, creatinine and so on, in order to maintain the stability of the environment within the body, the kidneys must accelerate the excretion of lactic acid and fat metabolism, so as to ensure the exercise capacity.

The second effect is to increase the reabsorption capacity of the kidneys. When the sweat is increased, the amount of water in the body decreases. In order to retain moisture and salt, the kidneys increase reabsorption of these substances

Acute nephritis, chronic two kinds of patients with acute start appropriate activities when symptoms improved stability. Bedridden or minimal activity makes body organs function decline, further weakened, so a rest is not a good way.

Just start exercising when it is advisable to do a short time, breathing exercises and gymnastics stretch and do some simple exercises, such as the body is further improved after practicing Taijiquan, appropriate jogging or long time walk. Exercise is appropriate according to the sense of self, urine test to determine.

If you feel good after exercise, fatigue disappeared in a few hours; urine test protein and red blood cells was not significantly increased or remained unchanged, indicating that the exercise effect is good, can continue, otherwise it should be appropriate to reduce the amount of exercise.

Nephritis patients exercise therapy is still very effective, and proper physical exercise can promote metabolism, is conducive to the body's toxins excreted, for the prevention and treatment of kidney disease have a very good effect


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