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Children with kidney disease should exercise properly

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-13


Nowadays, more and more children suffering from nephrotic damage, it brings great influence to the healthy growth of children, children with nephropathy should pay attention to rest, should limit the activities of the child, the diet should be low salt, high protein, such as meat, eggs, beans contain more protein, for children with nephrotic patients increase this kind of diet, so the children can exercise the kidney?

1, children should not eat much food. Salt diet should pay attention to less salt on blood pressure has not been reduced to normal children, which is very important. But the food without salt, and will affect the appetite, should use low salt diet. The edema and hypertension disappeared, can improve the normal diet, but also should be light, not too Xian. Steamed Buns and soda crackers also contain sodium, do not let children eat. You can let the children eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, to supplement the body of vitamin.

2, children's clothes should not be worn for a long time. Infection is often the cause of kidney disease recurrence. Regular bathing, changing clothes, keeping the skin clean, can prevent skin infections

3, children should not be tired. The child's self-control ability, came home from the hospital will feel very fresh, easy to play too much, lack of sleep, parents should pay special attention to arrange the child's sleep schedule, try to get enough rest.

4, children should not go to public places. To keep indoor air fresh, try not to take children to shops, cinemas and other public places. Pay attention to changing clothes according to climate changes to prevent colds

5, not just a reduction or withdrawal. Treatment of nephropathy, mostly taking hormone drugs. Taking hormone children, must be under the guidance of a doctor, with the improvement of the disease, gradually reduced until the withdrawal. Parents must supervise their children the amount of medication on time, must not be the reduction and withdrawal of free, so as to avoid repeated illness.

In recent years, the incidence rate of children with nephropathy is increasing, accompanied by a series of children's nephrotic symptoms have been produced in the past, due to the lack of delaying the progression of nephropathy in children, children with nephrotic patients is difficult in the early stage of the condition to be controlled, now, for the early detection and treatment of the sick, or you can reach a certain the effect of treatment, and nursing on diet, proper exercise, for the treatment of the disease will bring some help.


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