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Can children with kidney disease exercise violently?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-13


With the quickening pace of people's life, more and more people suffering from kidney disease, and there will be a lot of patients are children, and a lot of people suffering from the disease, did not want to move, this illness is good not fast, but the physique will become increasingly worse, laoyijiege is the important measures to keep the body healthy at the same time, conditioning plus diet and lifestyle, so strenuous exercise in children with nephrotic patients?

In the following cases, the patient needs bed rest:

1, moderate and severe hypertension patients with headache, dizziness, vomiting symptoms, such as acute nephritis, rapid increase in blood pressure, high blood pressure encephalopathy, severe headache, vomiting, convulsions or convulsions, and consciousness disorders, should be hospitalized immediately

2, gross hematuria or oliguria, daily urine volume below 400 ml.

3, lung infection or heart dysfunction leads to shortness of breath, coughing and palpitation

The following patients according to the disease control exercise amount. The general treatment of acute nephritis after 2-3 weeks, the symptoms will be significantly improved, significantly decreased, edema hypertension decreased, gross hematuria disappeared, patients can get out of bed, the symptoms disappeared completely, can increase the amount of activity, but the rest is generally not less than 3 months, after work and School of chronic. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome patients without edema, hypertension and other symptoms, can be engaged in light work. In the early period of chronic renal failure can be easily and work.

If the patient is in stable condition, can easily participate in some physical exercise, but also necessary in the form of exercise, walking, Tai Chi. Patients can be determined by their own conditions, choose their own way of exercise, exercise time should be according to their own circumstances, in general you don't feel tired to prevail, we would like to be able to get rid of kidney disease.


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