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What forms of exercise do nephrotic syndrome fit?

Written by admin | Published on 2017-06-13


Patients with nephrotic syndrome is not necessary and reasonable exercise is completely bedridden, helps keep your body healthy. This paper describes the motion mode of Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital kidney disease experts on domestic common analysis, whether suitable patients with nephrotic syndrome. Some foreign experts say recommend patients with nephrotic syndrome, walking, jogging, cycling, skating several. We mainly analyze the domestic situation.


If there is no months jogging or obese, the best first began to trot from. Jogging is especially suitable for providing endurance and weight loss. This is the majority of people engaged in sports, because there is no lactic acid accumulation, can keep moving for a long time at this level.


Walking is one of the most popular fitness and exercise for weight reduction. Besides a good pair of shoes, walking does not need special equipment. And over 50 years of age without exercise habits of adults should choose to walk as a form of exercise fitness / weight loss.

The strength of walking is the lowest, and you can get and see the results. Exercise is relaxing in the weight zone. There is no breath or pain during exercise

Rope skipping

Skipping easily on the knee and foot injuries, so the knee or foot problems or obese people are not suitable for this exercise. Moreover, rope skipping can easily reach the anaerobic exercise heart rate, so we do not recommend patients with nephrotic syndrome skipping.

Ride on a bicycle

It is recommended that the first to start an exercise program, not strong or physical conditions are not suitable for walking exercise, diet exercise. Cycling exercise is the heart rate zone according to the heart rate during exercise and not according to the distance to the plan. The reason is that the wind, climate, terrain and bicycle type can affect the cycle time.

Other sports: badminton, basketball, football is running, the heart is not stable and master, which is not suitable for patients with nephrotic syndrome, Tai Chi and yoga exercise is not enough to achieve the purpose of cardiopulmonary exercise. Swimming is the most vulnerable, but China is difficult to spread, so no longer involved.

Reasonable sports play the role of adjuvant therapy, but if you choose not to appropriate treatment methods, patients can not recover as soon as possible. Chinese medicine is broad and profound, is absolutely the nephrotic syndrome patients have healthy gospel friends.

For the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital therapy by preparing Chinese medicine in many ways, the effective ingredient of preparing Chinese medicine by oral medication enema foot multi way direct lesions, on the one hand can provide material for the repair of renal cells, promote cells repair; on the other hand, the effective component of the traditional Chinese medicine composition could eliminate the inflammatory activity blocking, inflammatory response, and create conditions for the repair of renal cells. Have brought health for many patients with chronic nephritis patients, can delay the disease progression rate. If you have not clear place, please consult our online customer service.


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