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Guidance of Nephrotic Syndrome Diet For Child

Written by admin | Published on 2017-10-18


What are the matters need to be regarded for nephrotic syndrome diet for child? Treatment of nephrotic syndrome is very important. The suitable diet and right treatment can achieve the treatment effect. The incidence of nephrotic syndrome tends to be younger. It’s no longer few that children are suffering from nephrotic syndrome. For child who is suffering from the disease, keep regular diet habit, which is helpful for the improvement of the condition. What are the aspects should be care of nephrotic syndrome diet for child?

Nephrotic syndrome diet for child should pay attention to:

There are a large number of protein in the urine of child with nephrotic syndrome. Due to longer term discharging protein through urine, that will cause Hypoproteinemia and Hypercholesterolemia. For the above situation, parents should make reasonable diet plan according to their children’s condition. While because of poor appetite, the sick child don’t want to take anything. So high protein and high calorie can not be taken. Suitable diet is the most important point for the treatment of children nephrotic syndrome.

As a result, parents should often change the color, aroma, taste and type of the diet. Improve the diet quality to satisfy the habit of the disease child, encourage their children to activity cooperate with the treatment to achieve the requirement of nutritional therapy of kidney disease.

In the period of serious edema, protein, Patient should take no salt, high protein diet, such as eggs, meet and so on. During the period of edema, oliguria should limit the intake of protein. The period of non edema, protein, should take suitable protein. After use diuretic drugs, can be low salt diet. Large amount of diuretic drugs should take noodles, vegetable soup and other sodium food.

When the urine volume is normal and the edema disappear, can not take too much salt. To avoid poor appetite, can improve appetite and should limit the intake of salt to avoid the fast grow of weight and liver.

What are the matters need to be regarded for nephrotic syndrome diet for child? The above have been describe in detail, hope that children with nephrotic syndrome can get some help. Nephrotic syndrome diet for child is very impotent, parents should pay more attention, to promise the right diet habit, and actively cooperate with the treatment, and strive for and early return to healthy. If you want to know more knowledge about children nephrotic syndrome, please consult our online doctor or leave us a message. 


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